Quantum Class Entertainment

June 12, 2014

On-board Anthem of the Seas we reveal the entertainment of the future – a collection of amazing inventions that have never been seen on land or sea. Here, robots dance in unison, and sea views transform to space views in the blink of an eye. Sound is not just heard, but felt head to toe. The incredible Anthem of the Seas will have ground-breaking technology and stunning venues.

Sonic Odyssey – A New Dimension in Sound

Inspired by experimental musician and innovator William Close, and with the talent of more than two dozen musicians, vocalists and dancers, Royal Caribbean Productions is proud to debut this original production on-board Quantum of the Seas showcasing the next dimension in global sound, as never seen before on land or sea.

Sonic Odyssey - RCI Image)

(Sonic Odyssey – RCI Image)


With class and sass – and your inhibitions left at the door – Royal Caribbean Productions invites you to an adults-only diversion, infusing the best of cabaret-style performance art, premium spirits, and late-night club life into one amazing event on-board Quantum of the Seas

(Wink - RCI image)

(Wink – RCI image)


Deep space and deep sea – two wondrous worlds that never meet. Until now. A Royal Caribbean original production, Starwater is a visual spectacle that fuses video mapping, robotic technology and human artistry to tell the story of a muse who enchants the gods of the stars to swim among mermaids and mysteries. You won’t see a show like this anywhere else in the world


(RCI image)

(RCI image)


Two70 is an amazing chameleon-like venue that’s “WOW!” inducing both day and night. In the daytime you can admire the breathtaking 270° ocean views while at nighttime you can take in the spectacular entertainment thrills – hi-tech digital projection and extraordinary performance art. It’s also home to our super-stylish ice bar where our mixologists are waiting to create cocktails just for you.

(Two70 - RCI image)

(Two70 – RCI image)

Who knew artificial intelligence could be so genuinely entertaining? Meet RoboShow, a troupe of six massive Roboscreens soar, twist and spin out scenes as they scamper solo or unite as one. Invented just for Quantum Class, you won’t find them anywhere else in the world.

(Roboshow - RCI image)

(Roboshow – RCI image)


Glittering with deco details and revelling in the decadence of the roaring twenties, Gatsby transforms Two70° into a celebration that’s true to the past, but as modern as today. No prohibition here, with speciality cocktails inspired by the time, gambling on the quiet, live DJ, and guests that are dressed the part. The only password you need to get in: WOW.

(RCI Image)

(RCI Image)


Double take, triple take—take as many as you need. You’ll still swear it’s the real thing. Royal Caribbean brings you the best tribute bands anywhere, and now they’re more up-close than ever in the intimate Music Hall, giving you the chance to dance to timeless entertainers from every era.

(RCI Image)

(RCI Image)

Virtual Concert

Virtual Concert projects high-resolution footage across Vistarama and all six Roboscreens® in Two70°, to create a multisensory musical experience as impressive as the real thing. It’s a one-of-a-kind production you’ll find only on Quantum Class ships.

(Virtual Concert RCI Image)

(Virtual Concert RCI Image)

 Mamma Mia! At sea

Dancing queens, your ship has come in. This November, Quantum of the Seas debuts smash hit Mamma Mia!, the fifth show in Royal Caribbean’s lineup of Broadway favourites. For the first time ever, the award-winning musical brings a repertoire of ABBA’s greatest hits to sea.

(RCI image)

(RCI image)

(Source: RCI)

Quantum Entertainment Video

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Designing MSC Seaside

June 2, 2014

Italy’s Fincantieri shipyard revealed a new concept ship earlier in the year, dubbed Project Mille, signalling the future of cruise ships.

(Fincantieri project Millie)

(Fincantieri project Millie)

The purpose of this project is to explore a more modern configuration to the traditional design of passenger vessels. Since shaft and rudder based propulsion has quickly demised, there is no reason to have the diesel generators in the aft section anymore. This ship will have them amidships. By bringing then closer to the centre of gravity, this helps stability. You can note that the funnel has accordingly been brought amidships; right above the engines.

They also made the hull wider and the super structure narrower. Also in another attempt to reduce the weight above the hull. The Oasis class kind of have the opposite of this, but they also have two gaping holes in the superstructure (Central Park and the Boardwalk).

There are also other initiatives to lower the centre of gravity. There will be no large main swimming pool topside. It will be moved somewhere lower in the ship. The spa will also be moved down. By moving any other heavy-weight public area lower, architects are able to yield an entire additional deck of passenger cabins. As these cabins are located in the superstructure, they will be balcony cabins, which mean higher revenue yielding.


Mille offers 10 percent more cabins; 10 percent more open-deck space; 10 percent increase in efficiencies. (10% more cabins represents a very significant increase in revenue generating potential)

Fincantieri says that this design can be scaled accordingly from 60,000grt up to 150,000 grt. And 1,500 pax up to 4,000 pax.

(Source: Cruise Ind)

(MSC image)

(MSC image)

Malcolm says: MSC’s new project ‘Seaside’ mega-ship is clearly based on Fincantieri’s ‘Millie’ project.

Seaside has the distinctive centre funnel and narrower superstructure. The promenade is wide and is above the lifeboats until it drops down at the stern. The stern ‘prom’ is nearer the water level than usual, with a large pool. There is no large centre lido-deck, but an area aft of the funnel. The aft superstructure is narrower for stability.

(MSC Image)

(MSC Image)

Royal Caribbean’s new terminal for Quantum

May 29, 2014

Royal Caribbean has announced that it has entered into an agreement with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to build the next phase of the Cape Liberty Cruise Port in Bayonne, NJ.

(RCI Concept Image)

(RCI Concept Image)

The $55 million project will include construction of a new, state-of-the-art guest terminal, 900-car parking garage and pier improvements.

The new terminal will be the home for Royal Caribbean’s next generation of cruise ships, Quantum of the Seas and Anthem of the Seas, which both begin service in November 2014 and 2015 respectively.



The new terminal will be complete in November 2014.

(Source: RCI)

Malcom says: Big new ship, big new cruise terminal.  Southampton take note!

Titanic II Delayed

May 27, 2014
(Titanic II followed by Oasis)

(Titanic followed by Oasis)

14 May 2014: Clive Palmer’s chosen shipyard, the Jinling,  in China’s southeast, has no idea when construction of the replica liner will begin.

The project has been dogged by slow progress and ongoing speculation since its launch that it will not happen.  The proposed maiden voyage has already been delayed by a year to 2017 but that deadline is now in doubt, with no sign of work underway at the shipyard.

Workers told The “Weekend Australian” there had been no contract signed between the shipbuilder and Mr Palmer’s private company, Blue Star Line, which commissioned the project two years ago.

Mr Palmer announced earlier this month a memorandum of understanding had been signed between Blue Star Line and a Chinese partner, AVIC Kaixin (Beijing) Ship Industry, which would oversee the “promotion of the Titanic II project and co-ordination of Titanic II sponsors from mainland China.”

“We have not signed a contract with Blue Star Line yet, we are just helping to promote the project, they need to find the sponsors, which we are also helping with,” said Mr Wang, AVIC sales director.  “Maybe Mr Palmer was busy with the election last year so the whole project was delayed.  “Even if it starts to be built now, the delivery time would be after 2017. Perhaps Blue Star Line will make a decision after finding proper sponsors.”

The rebuilding plan was launched two years ago, with Mr Palmer hosting lavish dinners around the world, in an attempt to replicate the ill-fated ship’s maiden voyage in 1912 when it sailed from Southampton to New York.

The original Titanic took a little more than two years to build.  It has been estimated the Titanic II will cost at least $500 million to build.

(Source: Scott Murdoch “The Australian”/Wang Yuanyuan)

Malcolm says: Well Palmer WAS definitely serious a while back. Deltamarin (a respected firm of navel architects) have been busy creating designs and tank testing a model in Germany. Palmer has definitely spent money on the project. I must admit that it has all gone rather quiet, though. I did always wonder if China was capable of the construction of such a unique vessel? Mind you, it’s not over yet.


MSC Spends €2.1bn on the Seaside.

May 22, 2014
(MSC Image)


London, May 22 – MSC Cruises has today signed a contract with Italian shipyard Fincantieri confirming the construction of two more new cruise ships, with an option for one more vessel.

The new prototype project, named ‘Seaside’, will be the largest cruise ships ever built by Fincantieri and will feature a revolutionary architectural style leading the way for a new generation of cruise ships.

(MSC Click to enlarge)

(MSC Click to enlarge)

The two new ships will cost €700 million each, with the first scheduled for delivery in November 2017 and the second arriving in May 2018. The deal follows MSC Cruises’ letter of intent with STX France, signed in March this year for another two ships (and two optioned).

From the moment we started talking with Fincantieri, we had in mind to design and build two completely new ships, revolutionary in their structure, unlike anything that exists on the market today” said Pierfrancesco Vago, Executive Chairman of MSC Cruises.

Seaside is a futuristic prototype because of its structure, shape and versatility. We are getting ready for the new and compelling challenge that the construction of these ships represents. It will be a real revolution in the world’s cruise market, an excellent product for its unique and innovative architectural features and cutting-edge technology.



With a length of 323 metres, a width of 41 metres and a height of 70 metres, the new ships will have a gross tonnage of 154,000 tons and will accommodate up to 5,300 passengers plus 1,413 crew members. The ships will boast 2,070 guest cabins, 759 for crew members, and 43,500 square metres of public areas available. Innovative in design and versatility, the new ships will be able to dock in any port around the world.

(MSC click to enlarge)

(MSC click to enlarge)

The contract was signed between Executive Chairman of MSC Cruises Pierfrancesco Vago, MSC Cruises chief executive Gianni Onorato, and Fincantieri chief executive Giuseppe Bono.

Today, MSC Cruises adds the last piece to its new industrial plan that will allow us to double the capacity of our fleet by 2022. With the arrival of the new ships we will reach a capacity of about 80,000 passengers a day” said MSC Cruises chief executive Gianni Onorato.

(MSC image)

(MSC image)

The ‘Seaside’ prototype presents unique features such as a sea-level promenade that circumnavigates the ship with outdoor spaces, shops and restaurants. In addition, Seaside will also feature a spacious theatre, a terraced balcony and panoramic lifts with sea views.

Furthermore, the ship will boast numerous technological innovations that will, among other things, further reduce fuel consumption by 25%.

The total value of MSC Cruises’ new orders with Fincantieri and STX France total almost €5 billion.

 (Source: MSC)

Giles Hawke Comments

Speaking to TTG Digital following the announcement that a €2.1 billion deal has been signed to build two new ships with the option of a third, Giles Hawke, MSC Cruises executive director for UK, Ireland and Australia, said the new ships will feature a number of innovations.

He added these will include wind deflectors to stop customers from being troubled by strong winds while the ship is cruising while a promenade deck skirting the ship and almost at sea level will further improve the quality of the cruise.

Meanwhile the fact that the ships are shorter and wider, they will be 323 metres long and 41 metres wide, will allow them to visit smaller ports.

(MSC Image)

(MSC Image)

With 2,070 cabins spread over 43,500 square metres of public space the ships will have space for 5,300 passengers.

Hawke said: “It’s substantially different to what anyone else has got. Pier Franchesco has talked about creating the iPhone of the cruise industry, this is it.

“It’s all based around an outdoor living experience called Project Seaside. It (then promenade deck) is almost at sea level and there will be outdoor shopping and bars

“We’re working on creating the right wind deflectors so they (customers) can sit outside while the ship is moving.

“It puts us up there as a substantial major player against any other cruise line in the world.

Hawke said: “By 2020 we will have double our fleet versus what we have today.”

(Source: TTG Digital)

msc big

(Click to Enlarge)

Malcolm Says: Wow, this IS exciting news for big ship fans (but a nightmare for small ship lovers.)

MSC have now announced four big newbuilds, two called ‘Vista’ (STX) and the two above, ‘Seaside’ (Fincantieri). MSC are set to become the third biggest cruise line by capacity.  I like the sound of Seaside’s NCL type ‘Waterfront’ feature and Vista’s RCL style ‘Royal Promenade’.

I note that Seaside has her funnel (and probably much associated machinery)  in the middle, which reminds me of the great ocean liners of the past.

See MSC’s other two newbuilds: http://wp.me/pfRKD-2sH

Quantum to undertake 53 night Global Odyssey

May 20, 2014

Most cruise ship news seems to be coming from RCI at present. This is no exception:

Royal Caribbean have announced that when it sends its newest cruise ship, Quantum of the Seas, to China in 2015, it will do so as part of an 53-night round the world cruise.

(RCI Image)

(RCI Image)

Starting on May 2, 2015, Quantum of the Seas will depart the New York City area and head to Shanghai (Baoshan), China and stop at many cities along the way.

The Quantum ‘Global Odyssey’ goes on sale to Royal Caribbean Crown and Anchor Society members first on May 20, 2014 and to the general public on May 22.

Quantum of the Seas will sail its nearly two-month journey around the world via the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, Arabian Gulf and Indian Ocean.

If 53-nights cruise is too extensive, passengers can also choose from five other mini-sailings built into the 53-night itinerary, ranging from three to 16 nights.

  • An 11-night Ocean Voyage – Cape Liberty to Spain cruise, departing May 2, 2015, from Cape Liberty Cruise Port in Bayonne, N.J., to Barcelona, Spain, with calls at Ponta Delgada, Azores; and Cartagena and Palma De Mallorca, Spain,
  • A 16-night Suez Canal – Barcelona to Dubai itinerary, departing May 13, with calls at Rome (Civitavecchia) and Naples/Capri, Italy; Athens (Piraeus), Greece; and Aqaba, Jordan,
  • A 14-night India & Southeast Asia itinerary, departing May 29, which features overnights in Dubai, UAE; Cochin, India; and Singapore, as well as calls at Muscat, Oman; and Penang, Malaysia,
  • A 3-night Short Malaysia itinerary, departing roundtrip from Singapore on June 12 , calling at Kuala Lumpur (Port Klang), Malaysia,
  • And a nine-night Exotic Asia itinerary that departs June 15 from Singapore to Shanghai (Baoshan), China, with calls at Ho Chi Minh City (Phu My), Vietnam; Xiamen, China; and an overnight in Hong Kong.

(Source: RCI)

Quantum slide-show: http://youtu.be/e-ROc2uvKxA


Royal Caribbean Year Round Deployment in Singapore

May 19, 2014

Royal Caribbean International recently announced that it will have a year-round deployment in the coming year 2015-2016 from Singapore. The cruise line will position its ship, ‘Legend of the Seas’ (a Vision class ships)  in Singapore in the summer of 2015 and that will be followed by ‘Mariner of the Seas’  (a Voyager class ship) at the end of the year.

Mariner (RCI image)

Mariner (RCI image)

With this move, RCI  has shown it is committed to Asia’s huge untapped cruise market by basing two of her cruise ships to operate out of Singapore the year round.

The Legend of the Seas that was earlier based in Singapore from 2008 to 2013, will return to Singapore in summer next year and will run a series of 3- to 10-night roundtrip itineraries to destinations in Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Last year, the Legend of the Seas went through a major revitalization.

Asia’s largest ship, the Mariner of the Seas at present is in Singapore for four months of the year from November – March. Come the winter of 2015, it is going to be based full time in Singapore.

(Source: RCI)

Malcolm Says: RCL are certainly committed to the newly emerging cruise markets such as China and Asia. I wonder how long the UK will continue to be the world’s second biggest cruise market?

Slide-show ‘Explorer o f the Seas’ (a Voyager class ship):

Slide-show ‘Splendour of the Seas’ (a Vision class ship):


Norwegian Jewel Gets Enhanced

May 17, 2014
(NCL Image)

(NCL Image)

Norwegian Cruise Line has announced that Norwegian Jewel will re-enter service on May 17, 2014 following a two-week dry dock where the ship received numerous enhancements before her summer season in Alaska. The Jewel will sail from Houston, starting October 11.

Norwegian Jewel is the first ship to be retrofitted with the O’Sheehan’s Neighborhood Bar & Grill (first introduced on Norwegian Epic and also on Norwegian Breakaway and Norwegian Getaway). In addition, the ship’s Moderno Churrascaria, the Brazilian-style steakhouse, was relocated to Deck 13 and the Sugarcane Mojito Bar, first introduced on Norwegian Getaway, was added adjacent to the new restaurant.

O'sheehan's (Epic)

O’sheehan’s (Epic)

Guests will also be able to enjoy delicious cannoli and cupcakes from Carlo’s Bake Shop by Buddy Valastro, star of TLC’s Cake Boss and Next Great Baker, that has been added in the Java Café. A number of additional guest area enhancements include: updates to the Casino and Photo Gallery, new carpets and flooring throughout guest areas, window replacements, upgrades in galley areas and updates to the pool deck.

(NCL Image)

(NCL Image)

Norwegian’s digital signage, first introduced on Norwegian Breakaway, will also be added to the ship over the summer. The interactive touch screen signs will allow guests to order specialty items, get directions and reserve dining and shore excursions simply with a scan of their stateroom key.

Norwegian said that technical modernizations also took place during the dry dock. The ship is being outfitted with Green Tech Marine Scrubbers, in order to reduce fuel emissions, overall energy consumption, and the company’s environmental footprint. In addition, the cruise line stated that the ship will receive an Azipod hydrodynamic upgrade and state-of-the-art silicone paint on the hull, in order to further improve fuel efficiency.

Norwegian Jewel will also benefit from the installation of shore power connectivity. Additional significant technical and safety updates include: lifeboat and tender boat release systems upgrade; thrusters and stabilizer maintenance; and ballast and bilge piping replacement.

(Source: cruiseindustrynews.com)

Norwegian Jewel pre re-fit:

Below Norwegian Jade Review (also a Jewel class ship):


Quamtum Gets New ‘Sonic Odyssey’ Show

May 15, 2014

The ‘Unofficial Royal Caribbeanblog’  has revealed a second* new stage show for Quantum of the Seas, called ‘Sonic Odyssey’.

(RCI image)

(RCI image)

RCI say: “Sonic Odyssey takes the audience on a one-of-a-kind journey of music and sound, featuring the talented cast of the Royal Theatre.  This highly visual production only be seen on-board Quantum of the Seas”.

Sonic Odyssey will feature the Earth Harp, which was designed and created by performance artist William Close.  Close is well known for being the 3rd runner on America’s Got Talent.

(Source: royalcaribbeanblog.com)

Malcolm Says: Well RCI have called Quantum the ‘Technology Ship’. See the video below:


*Quantum’s ‘Starwater’ show, see below:

Quatum Gets New ‘Starwater’ Show

May 13, 2014
(RCI Image)

(RCI Image)

A brand new stage show made exclusively for Quantum of the Seas will be called, “Starwater”.

The new show features, “A beautiful and highly visual production featuring Dancers and Singers all under the spell of our Muse who transports the audience as she orchestrates an eternal fusion the universe and sea to her will. Starwater takes place in our new signature venue Two70 featuring branded technology Vistarama® and Roboscreens™ that can only be experienced onboard Quantum of the Seas.

(RCI Image)

Two70 Degrees (RCI Image)

(Source: RCI/Unofficial Blog)

Malcolm Says: A 360 degree tour by Royal Caribbean (on their Quantum web site) gives us a clue how it might work.

If you navigate the tour and look at the ceiling, you will see six screens stowed on the ceiling, which appear to be mounted on a beam, between two robotic arms. These will obviously descend to the floor/stage area and perform.

RCI Screen Grab:

(RCI Image)

(RCI Image)

Now have a look at the video below, which I believe gives us some clues how these screens will be used to provide a very unique digital-entertainment experience.

Also see this amazing video:  http://youtu.be/lX6JcybgDFo


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