Back in the USSR

(Image: M.Oliver)

(Image: Red Square, M.Oliver)

I have recently returned from an excellent city-break in Moscow. (Sorry no ships were involved).

I did in fact visit Russia in 1983. Quite a lot has changes as you might expect, yet other things have stayed the same.

I booked my recent trip myself using the UK budget Airline ‘Easyjet’, booked a Hotel on-line and applied for my own tourist Visa.

Moscow is a wonderful, safe, friendly city – full of culture. I’d really recommend it if you enjoy Museums, architecture and history. However I appreciate that few people would chose it as a tourist destination at present. The only down-side is Moscow is one of the most expensive cities in Europe.

For the record, the ‘Ukraine situation’ had NO affect on my experience as a tourist. Below is a short slide show of my trip:

Any Questions?



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2 Responses to “Back in the USSR”

  1. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Hi Chavdar, thanks for your comments. Russian is much misunderstood. It is a wonderful country with friendly people. If I had more time I would have at least taken a river boat trip.

  2. Chavdar Chanev Says:

    Hi there, Malcolm!
    Thanx for sharing the “no cruise” experience in Mother Russia! ;)
    PS: I’m a HUGE fan (admirer) of Russia and her great people. I even speak some Russian (learned it in school, some ages ago).

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