CMV Loses The Love Boat

Cruise & Maritime Voyages are about to lose their ship, ‘Discovery’ which they charter.


Just two cruises remain under the CMV banner. The owners, ‘All Leisure Group’, have gone into the red so are keen to sell her.

Discovery was originally the ‘Island Princess’, built in 1971, was one of the ships used to film the classic American TV series, the ‘Love Boat’.

However Cruise & Maritime Voyages will be replacing ‘Discovery’ with ‘Azores’, which they will charter from Portuguese operator Portuscale. The ship’s first cruise for CMV leaves Bristol on January 26th and is a 30-night voyage to the Caribbean.

Azores, first entered service in 1948 but was extensively in 1994.

Malcolm says: I  visited ‘Discovery’ at Bristol, Avonmouth Docks, on 6th September 14.  I was amazed how many spacious public rooms the ship offered, for her relatively small size. Although some of her soft furnishings were a little worn, I was generally very impressed with the overall operation. She will be quite a loss to CMV.


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17 Responses to “CMV Loses The Love Boat”

  1. Peter booth Says:

    I am glad I had the pleasure of sailing on her several times ,long may she be remembered.

  2. John Says:

    Well the Discovery finally beached in Alang on Monday (Dec 8th) :-(
    Such a shame but we knew it was coming. She had a long life…gave though of us that travelled/worked on her some happy memories and she will be sorely missed. Farewell old girl!

  3. mikep Says:

    She’s anchored off Mumbai right now.

  4. John Says:

    Well Discovery is now anchored off Mumbai…has been for a couple of days…so I would guess her crew are just waiting to be given the nod that the breakers have bought her then they will sail on up to Alang where she will be beached. Such a shame…but we knew it was coming.

  5. John Says:

    As of yesterday she was had been anchored off Port Said for two days. Her AIS says she is due to arrive in Dubai on November 2nd, which has been changed from October 26th, which it has been stating since she left Bristol.
    Her name has been changed to ‘Amen’ on her AIS since the second day after she left Bristol. Not really sure what this all means? Is she heading for Gadini maybe to be broken up? She can’t be heading for Aliaga as she has passed there now, unless she is headed for Alang?

  6. Alan Says:

    Was for sale for approx $19m according to broker, so sssume sold for per tonne scrap value. Where…don’t know.

  7. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Thanks John

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