MV Discovery

Sept. 2014

I recently visited ‘Discovery’ at Bristol’s Avonmouth Docks, and was amazed how many spacious public rooms the ship offered, for her relatively small size (20,186 gt, 698 passengers). Although some of her carpets were a little worn, I was generally very impressed with the overall operation.

She is a real ‘classic’ ship with aspects that reminded me of SS Norway, QE2 and even the SS Rotterdam. My slide show below hardly does her justice – you really need to see her in the flesh.

Discovery was originally the ‘Island Princess’, built in 1971, was one of the ships used to film the classic American TV series, the ‘Love Boat’.

For the past few years Cruise & Maritime Voyages have been chartering her.  However the owners, ‘All Leisure Group’, have gone into the red so are keen to sell her.  CMV will be replacing ‘Discovery’ with ‘Azores’, which they will charter from Portuguese operator Portuscale.

Regular readers will know that I am quite a fan of CMV’s Marco Polo.  MV Discovery is about the same size, carries less passengers and has so many more public lounges and bars. She even has a cinema. (Although internally MP seems to have benefitted form a more recent refit).




Stop press: MV Discover Scrapped?


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26 Responses to “MV Discovery”

  1. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Yes, just about all older ships seem to vibrate!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Sailed on her from the port of Hull to the Baltic and St, Petersburg, although she suffered from shaft vibration she had class for an old lady.

  3. Edwin Todd Says:

    Does anyone know if there is a picture of MV Discovery at her final resting place, before her break up, that one could download. That is other than the one on MidShipCentury Facebook page.

  4. Keith Lambert Says:

    The best designed ship we have been on 7 times. So sad to see her go. We now go on Voyager and Saga ships.

  5. Edwin Todd Says:

    The sad end to lovely lady of the high seas. We have fond memories.

  6. Chapmac Says:

    She finally beached at Alang with tonight’s high tide. Sad to see her go.

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