MV Discovery Broken-Up

(Source unknown)

(Source unknown)

Although there was never an official announcement that MV Discovery was scrapped, she was tracked by cruiseblog contributors (John, Edwin, Bill, Mikep et al) to Alang, India. Here she was broken-up, on the beach.

Owners, the ‘All Leisure Group’ sold the loss-making cruise ship mv Discovery for $5 million, less than half her value.

Discovery (20,186 gt, 698 passengers) was originally the ‘Island Princess’, built in 1971, was one of the ships used to film the classic American TV series, the ‘Love Boat’. For the past few years Cruise & Maritime Voyages have been chartering her.

Discovery departed Bristol, Avonmouth, for the final time on October 9th bound to anchor off Falmouth for a few hours the day after.

Following her brief anchorage off Falmouth she sailed south to the Strait of Gibraltar and upon entering the Mediterranean she was reported to be renamed “AMEN” and flagged in St. Kitts and Nevis. She sailed directly towards Port Said and days later transited the Suez Canal. Like her sister Pacific, she has been broken up.

Malcolm Say’s: Unfortunately, I never cruised on Discovery, but did visit her in October this year, shortly before she made her final cruise. I was amazed how spacious she was for a small ship and how many public rooms she had. Her interiors reminded me of aspects of the SS France, QE2 and SS Rotterdam. How’s that for a pedigree! My mediocre images do not begin to do her justice.

Please see my slide show below:


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3 Responses to “MV Discovery Broken-Up”

  1. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Thanks for the info Gordon. I know that the Marco Polo used to go to Antarctica as she has an ‘ice hull’ of some sorts. However the soot out of her funnel is probably prohibited now?

  2. Gordon Mobbs Says:

    Had my first cruise on Discovery , a 5 week trip from Lisbon via South America and the Falklands to the Antarctic Peninsula in 2008 , she was a very stylish ship with a great crew I have fond memories of that trip. I understand that she could no longer be used for trips to Antarctica due to New regulations.

  3. Michael Tarver Says:

    It is so sad to see any ship going to the breakers yard. I was 2008/9 on Discovery for her last voyage to Falklands, South Georgia, past Elephant Isle and the Antarctic peninsular, 3 yrs later 2012 went to the Baltic, Russia, Germany, Poland Denmark, Norway. Though 40 years old, she was a lovely ship and all good crew. Goodbye Discovery and thank you all for a lovely time.
    Michael Tarver

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