It’s not all about Big Ships!

Hebridean Princess, leaving Jersey harbour

Hebridean Princess, leaving Jersey harbour, 28/07/15

Continuing my ongoing theme of praising smaller cruise vessels:

Probably Britain’s smallest cruise ship at just 2,112 gt, carrying 50 passengers, mainly around the Scottish Isles.

She started life as the MacBrayne car ferry and Royal Mail Ship, initially RMS then MV Columba, based in Oban for the first 25 years of her life, carrying up to 600 passengers, and 50 cars, between the Scottish islands.

She underwent a major refit at George Prior Engineering in Great Yarmouth in 1989, emerging as the luxury cruise ship, MV Hebridean Princess. She began operating on 26 May 1989 and provides luxury cruises around the Western Isles of Scotland. More recently, itineraries have been extended to include Ireland, the Orkney and Shetland islands, the Norwegian Fjords and the Isles of Scilly.


Above is the Hebridean Princess leaving Jersey harbour (Channel Islands) on 27/07/15 bound for Guernsey.

Fun fact: Hebridean Princess carries 50 passengers. Each of Oasis’s lifeboats carry 370 passengers each!

On-board Hebridean Princess HERE



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3 Responses to “It’s not all about Big Ships!”

  1. Jo Walker Says:

    It was my first year of earning, and I took my mother, who’d never been to Scotland…we loved it so much that we repeated it the following year, with 3 different ferries around Skye and Harris…it was a package tour, including excursions, and really stunning. No Headliners nor climbing walls!

  2. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Wow Jo, I’m impressed.

    She’s an expensive little ship to cruise on these days, only having 25 cabins. I got to visit her (not cruise) a few years ago. She small and charming of course and full of wealthy retirees.

  3. Jo Walker Says:

    My first ever “cruise” was on this ship, then McBrayne’s Columba. She was the ferry from Oban to Mull, and you lived on board for a few days, taking organised trips at each port. That was in the ’60s, but gave me the longing for cruising which didn’t happen for many years…

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