Just Back From Europe

Amadeus Silver II (courtesy of Luftner)

Amadeus Silver II (courtesy of Luftner)

I’m just back from my first European River Cruise.

After many ocean cruises, I decided it was time that I should give this growing holiday type a try.

I spent a week on the Rhine, Germany, including Christmas day. I chose Amadeus/Luftner cruises, rather than one of the bigger players.

The boat (or is it a ship?) was a fairly new one, Amadeus Silver II.

Did I like it?  How does it compare to ocean cruising?

Here is my extensive review: Amadeus Silver II



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2 Responses to “Just Back From Europe”

  1. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Thanks Edwin. The link works for me, odd. All My reviews and pages are listed in the menu on the right. It should work from there.

  2. Edwin Todd Says:

    An interesting review Malcolm. My wife and I are thinking of doing something like this in the not too distant future. Having the perspective of river v ocean cruising helps put things in perspective. p.s. your link wrt Black Watch did not seem to work.

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