Meraviglia will be christened in Le Havre

Queen Mary 2 Le Havre

Queen Mary 2 Le Havre

MSC Cruises announced that its newbuild, MSC Meraviglia, will be christened in Le Havre on June 1 2017, a year in which the French port is celebrating its 500 year anniversary. She will then be positioned in Marseille for her inaugural Mediterranean season.

MSC also announced that it was confirming two options for delivery in October 2019 and September 2020 but that these will be 16m longer with an extra 200 cabins. The Meraviglia-plus class will be the first cruiseships to each host a fine arts museum on board, displaying classic and contemporary originals from collections around the world.


(MSC image - Click to enlarge)

(MSC image – Click to enlarge)

Malcolm says: It’s become quite a common phenomenon is the ship building world: A cruise line builds a class of multiple ships, but after the first few, they start to build them bigger. They often add an extra deck and/or make the ship a little longer, increasing the passenger capacity.  I’ve heard it referred to as “cruise ship creep”. (Kevin Griffin) 

Meraviglia-plus will be around 10,000 gross tonnes bigger than Meraviglia.

NCL’s newbuilds are  another good example: the ‘Breakaway’ class morphed into the ‘Breakaway Plus’ and gained around 20,000 gross tonnes.

It’s not a new idea, Princess’s ‘Grans Class’ gained an extra deck as did Carnival’s ‘Vista’ and ‘Destiny’ classes. Even RCI’s new ‘Harmony of the Seas’ will be a little bigger than her sisters.

Meraviglia Interiors HERE


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