A 5th Oasis Class For RCI


(Image courtesy of BBC)

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. signed a memorandum of understanding with STX France to build a fifth Oasis-class ship for delivery in spring 2021, and two additional Edge-class ships for Celebrity Cruises that would arrive in autumn 2021 and autumn 2022.


Oasis review: HERE

Malcolm says: The first of the ‘Edge’ class ships is just over two years away and we know nothing about it. I can remember a time when new ships were not so very secretive.


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2 Responses to “A 5th Oasis Class For RCI”

  1. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Hi Tom, I don’t think we know anything about ‘Edge’ apart from the passenger capacity of 2,900 (lower?). Quite respectable by modern big-ship standards.

  2. Tom Burke Says:

    Do we know what ‘Edge-class’ ships are?

    I suppose it’s been a while since the start of the Solstice class. They were cutting-edge at the time….

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