Tilbury Today

28th May 2016


Tilbury 16/05/16

Tilbury cruise terminal, on the Thames, London, used to be a sort of nautical Heathrow-airport .

In its heyday you could catch an ocean liner to destinations all over the world, including America, Asia and Australia. It used to have its own railway station and five star hotel next door.

These days Tilbury is a rather sleepy terminal. In the summer months it has a ship, once per week, at most, usually a ‘Cruise and Maritime Voyages’ vessels.

Astoria, Tilbury, May 16

Astoria, Tilbury, 16/05/16

Today was a busy day at Tilbury. Unusually there were two CMV ships docked: the tiny Astoria (1948, formerly called Azores) at 15,614 gt, carrying around 600 passengers and Magellan, CMV’s flagship (1985, formerly Carnival’s  Holiday) at 46,000gt, carrying 1,450 passengers.

Magellan dwarfed Astoria, being three times as big. She still retains her Carnival funnel, complete with wings.

Magellan, Tilbury, May 16

Magellan, Tilbury, 16/05/16

Astoria left for Dunkirk this evening and Magellan headed for Ghent.

I have been lucky enough to cruise on both ships and links to my reviews are below.


Astoria review HERE

Magellan review HERE


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6 Responses to “Tilbury Today”

  1. Edwin Todd Says:

    Yes Malcolm, Astor is currently cruising for the German cruise market and she has the TransOcean Kreuzfahrten logo on her funnel.

  2. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Hi Dan, I believe Portuscale Cruises own Astoria , but CMV continue to charter her. CMV decided to change her name. Astoria is currently operating cruises for the French cruise market. I notice her funnel logo seemed to have changed, but I’m sure CMV still operate her. Yes feel free to use the images – click on them to get larger versions – just acknowledge my name please. Fences and gates at the terminal prevented me getting unobstructed images.

  3. Dan Ackermann Says:

    Hi Malcom,
    nice writing and great pics. may i have your kind permission to post a picture of the two CMV ladies in tilbury in my german website? http://www.seereisenportal.de
    also, with the change of Name from Azores to Astoria, who is now the owner of the vessel? Keep up the wood work.
    Greetings from Germany, Daniel

  4. Edwin Todd Says:

    Nice photos Malcolm. We are looking forward to our cruise on MP from Newcastle in early July.

  5. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Hi Bruce, I cruised on her last year. She is in very good shape internally and externally (see my review).

  6. Bruce Tucker Says:

    Hadn’t realised Stockholm was still afloat in the guise of .Astoria. For her age, two years younger than me, she looks amazing, although I hope her knees and framework are in a better thsn mine.
    We like smaller ships, have just had our second trip aboard Braemar and have a third planned for November.
    Thanks for all the blogs.

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