New Paddlewheeler Debuts on the Mississippi

(Courtesy American Cruise Lines )

(Courtesy American Cruise Lines )

The American Cruise Lines newest ship, the America, started its inaugural season on the Mississippi River, on 7th May.

The America is the cruise line’s largest ship with a capacity of 185 guests. The launch of America brings its fleet up to eight small ships, four of which are authentic paddlewheelers while the additional four are coastal cruisers.

(American Cruise Lines)


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2 Responses to “New Paddlewheeler Debuts on the Mississippi”

  1. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Hi Fredrick, I find the idea of travelling by paddle steamer, on the Mississippi, rather romantic. It is a part of the world that I have not been to. However, as you say, given the high fares, plus the cost of a transatlantic flight form London for me, I am unlikely to do it.

    European river cruises are nearer to my doorstep, but still highly priced. I appreciate that river boats normally have a small passenger capacity (often under 200) but surely all the overheads are so much lower than a ocean ships? I guess it is supply and demand?

    We need a greater supply!

  2. Fredrick V. James Says:

    I’ve looked into these before and I’d love to travel on a lovely riverboat, but the cost came to something like $1,000- a day. Seems a bit steep considering the Ports are all in “flyover states” with the exception of New Orleans being fun. I hope that the prices come down with the increase in the number of boats.

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