The Swanky Super-Yacht

The swanky superyacht that has everything a billionaire could ever want: 355ft floating palace comes with an infinity pool, garden and a ‘hole’ where they can throw lavish parties:

Designed by Norway’s Hareide Design, the luxurious concept yacht offers lavish interiors and spacious sun decks

A grand hall is situated in a ‘hole’ in the hull and leads to a stunning 66ft infinity pool and tranquil garden space

Elevated deck contains a dining area and viewing platform, while a shallow pool at the back transitions into the sea

(Mail Online/Hareide Design)



4 Responses to “The Swanky Super-Yacht”

  1. Edwin Todd Says:

    Spotted at Amsterdam Cruise Terminal, today, motor yacht A.

  2. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Edwin, you obviously appreciate machines of beauty. How about ILONA, a little better maybe?

  3. Edwin Todd Says:

    Plug ugly.

  4. Bruce Tucker Says:

    Is it just me or is there a lot of wasted space in this design?

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