The World’s Biggest Cruise Ships

Global Class (Courtesy of Genting)

Global Class (Courtesy of Genting)


Forget about history and the ‘little’ RMS Titanic, the world’s biggest cruise ships are being built now and over the new few years.

It’s pretty clear form the table above that Royal Caribbean are the leaders in the ‘biggest cruise ship’ game at present and have been for a number of years now.

The Norwegian Cruise Line are in second place, but there is quite a gap between NCL’s biggest ship and Royal Caribbean’s.


However from 2019 a number of newbuilds will dramatically change the leader board.

Royal Caribbean will still have the biggest ships (the Oasis class). However new ships form Star (Genting, Global class), the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC World class), AIDA and  Costa, all of which will be between 201,000-177,000 gross tonnes, will push RC’s smaller ships (the Quantum class), NCL (the Breakaway & Plus classes) and P&O/Princess Royal class etc. further down the list.

In addition, Carnival’s fleet will look increasingly mid-sized by comparison.

(Source Wiki)

Oasis review: HERE

When will NCL build 200,000gt ships? See Here

Genting/Star 201,000 gt megaship slide-show: HERE


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