The Black Prince Remembered

BP Tilbury

BP Tilbury

Does anybody remember Fred Olsen’s ‘Black Prince’? Maybe you even cruised on her? She was very popular with Brits.

She was quite a quirky ship.

She was originally a ferry, that was converted into a cruise ship. She was small, even in her day. Now she would be regarded as minute!

In fact each of the ‘Oasis’ class of ships has lifeboats which each carry more passengers than the ‘Black Prince’ could.

The Black Prince article HERE


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4 Responses to “The Black Prince Remembered”

  1. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Yes I only found out a couple of days ago, she was scrapped with little mention.

  2. Edwin Todd Says:

    Yes, sorry about that. The sources I used did not make that clear.

  3. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Hi Edwin, I hear she was scrapped in 2011.

  4. Edwin Todd Says:

    Now Ola Esmeralda.

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