RCI Abandons Dynamic Dining On Anthem

Not so

Not so “Dynamic” after all? (Image courtesy of RCI)

Earlier this year I wrote an article suggesting that RCI’s culinary innovation: ‘Dynamic Dining’, had failed.

‘Dynamic Dining’ was launched on-board ‘Quantum of the Seas’ in 2014. The entire ship was specifically designed to support it, but it proved very controversial.

‘Dynamic’ was a very significant change in direction for RCI. They completely changed their dining system on-board their newest ‘Quantum Class’ ships after 46 years of cruise ship operations. Up until that moment all their ships had traditional dining with just one main/large dining room, even on-board the giant ‘Oasis of the Seas’.

However ‘Dynamic’ proved to be unpopular with many of RCI guests. In short they felt that feel that the system did not work very well. Some found themselves queuing for a table each evening.

Essentially ‘Dynamic’ was a copy of the Norwegian Cruise Lines ‘Freestyle’ dining concept.

However NCL have had almost twenty years practice to make their system work. RCI have not been so successful at operating theirs.


See full story @ RC Unofficial Blog: Here

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2 Responses to “RCI Abandons Dynamic Dining On Anthem”

  1. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Yes Edwin, I like to see a big-grand main dining room, but alternative options are nice.

  2. Edwin Todd Says:

    I do not think you can beat two sittings in a main dining room with other dining options elsewhere.

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