Magellan – Introducing The Taverner’s Pub

(Images courtesy of CMV)

(Images courtesy of CMV)

During her annual winter docking, Magellan has had a brand new facility added and CMV is proud to welcome guests in 2017 to the new Taverner’s Pub.

Complimenting her existing lounges and bars, the Taverner’s Pub is a traditional British style pub and, we believe, will be a very welcome addition to Magellan’s facilities. Fosters, Spitfire and Double Stout will be on draft and the Taverner’s Pub will be a great place to enjoy screened sporting events.

Open throughout the day and evening, it is the perfect venue for a drink and conversation with new found friends. And, to round off a perfect evening, pop in for a nightcap before retiring to your cabin at the end of another wonderful day.


The Taverner’s Pub replaces the former Scotts Nightclub and the late night disco will now take place in the Captain’s Club.

(Text/Images courtesy of CMV)


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