BlacK Watch @ Tilbury


14-12-16 (Click to enlarge)

Today was a mild and  sunny winters day at the Tilbury Cruise Terminal (London).

A rare visitor was Fred Olsen’s ‘Black Watch’.

I do like her new livery with a dark coloured hull.

Tomorrow she departs on a 7 night itinerary: Christmas Markets of Germany & Denmark

BW is 28,613 gross tonnes and carries 820 passengers. She was built in 1972.



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Black Watch Review/slide-show: HERE




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2 Responses to “BlacK Watch @ Tilbury”

  1. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Hi Bruce, yes I believe she has quite a deep draft for a small ship, a ‘real’ ship!

  2. Bruce Tucker Says:

    Thanks Malcolm, a very fair review as usual
    She’s certainly a comfortable, frequently repaired and highly polished psir of shoes.
    We did a lovely Baltic Cruise on her (must have been early 2000s) and were lucky enough to berth in the river almost opposite the Hermitage, another small ship advantage.
    Our cabin (by no means top of the range) also had a bath.
    Being ship built rather than block of flats design, she certainly holds her own in a heavy seaway. Waves were breaking over the mole when we left Dover and she just punched through the swell without a shudder. Not sure but feel she must have a proper keel.
    Have a great Christmas .Bruce

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