Don’t Book An Ocean Cruise…

…until you have read my latest review.


For twenty years I have been ocean cruising. I am lucky enough to have experienced many big ships, small ships, old ships and new ships.

To keep the whole thing fresh I tried many different ships and some different cruise lines. These have included Cunard, P&O, Fred. Olsen, RCI, P&O, Princess, Celebrity, Thomson and CMV.

Each ship and line is different, yet they are all similar.

While searching for something different, I tried my first European River Cruise in 2015.

I did enjoyed it, it made a refreshing change, but the experience still felt a little ‘alien’ to me compared to an ocean cruise.

However something drew me back to river cruising this year (after fitting in another ocean cruise) and I took my second European river cruise over Christmas 2016.

This time something ‘clicked’ inside of me. (And I don’t mean my spine or knee cartilage.)

I really got into the format and style of the experience this time around. Many aspects of the experience were actually better than on-board most ocean ship.

Amadeus Elegant ship review HERE

I’m NOT seriously suggesting that you give up ocean cruising, but maybe your New Year’s Resolution should be to seriously consider the idea of a River cruise in 2017.

I would bet that some of your most dreaded annoyances about ocean cruises probably do not exist on river cruises.

Happy New Year



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6 Responses to “Don’t Book An Ocean Cruise…”

  1. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Hi Edwin, I found a YouTube video about MS Olympia – she looks very nice. Enjoy!

  2. Edwin Todd Says:

    Malcolm we will be cruising on MS Olympia. An older vessel but recently refurbished.

  3. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Very fair points Bruce. River levels are part luck, part geography I guess. Both my European river cruises were pretty good deals even when compared to ocean cruises. I would not pay through the nose for the experience.

    A friend of mine was very sick in a very bad storm, on their first and only ocean cruise. You can just be unlucky.

    I hope that you are brave enough to try again one day. It’s great when it’s good!

  4. Bruce Tucker Says:

    Hi Malcolm. An excellent review as usual.
    We have only been on one river cruise and for contract reasons am unable to name ship or Company.
    Ours was disastrous from start to finish and became nothing other than a coach tour around Europe. Had we wanted to do this, the cost would have been far less than half of what we spent.
    Due to high river levels the ship remained secured alongside a rusting hulk with zero view from most cabins. As you suggested, this could have been a problem when moored alongside other boats or piers.
    River levels are outside the control of any Company but other lines cancelled whereas ours pressed on regardless, often in somewhat dangerous circumstances.
    It has put us off river cruising completely but we continue ocean cruising which we find more enjoyable and of far better value.
    Regards, Bruce

  5. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Great Edwin! Which line?

    All you need to do is accept the slower pace of life on-board and the lower key entertainment.

    Life seems simpler on a river boat. You should have a great time!

    Please report back – even write a review which I will publish, if you are into that sort of thing.


  6. Edwin Todd Says:

    Hi Malcolm, we have booked a river Rhine cruise in June of this year. It will be interesting to see how much different it feels compared to ‘ocean’ cruising.

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