Norwegian Joy Float Out

(Courtesy Meyer Werft)

The new NCL ship Norwegian Joy 喜悦号 (Xǐ Yuè Hào) was floated out of the Meyer Werft building hall on Saturday, March 4, 2017, Papenburg Germany.

The ship is 168,800 gross tonnes and will carry 3,900 passengers.

At the end of March, the Joy will make her conveyance along the Ems River to the North Sea. In the North Sea, the ship will begin sea trials before finally being delivered to NCL in April 2017.

The ship arrives in Shanghai in late June where she will serve the Chinese market all year-round.

(Meyer Werft)

Innovation or Nightmare?



On of the most unique features of ‘Norwegian Joy’  is on the ships upper deck. Guests will take the ride of a lifetime on a thrilling two-level competitive racetrack– the first ever at sea. Cruisers can race family and friends in electric cars (a 5-6 minute course) and even share a photo of their first place finish. (NCL)

Malcolm says: You can clearly see Norwegian Joy’s two-level go-Kart track on the sun deck. Is this your idea of an innovation or a nightmare?

(Courtesy NCL)

A rather crowded sun-deck (Courtesy NCL, click to enlarge)

The sun deck looks rather crowded to me, with it’s various facilities.

Innovation! (Norwegian Joy)

Norwegian Joy rendering (Courtesy NCL)

On one had Joy’s on-deck facilities impress me , but on the other hand where is the room for the sun loungers?  As somebody wise once said: “Whatever happened to just cruising”?

However ‘Joy’ is built for the Chinese market and I’m told that the Chinese are not big on sunbathing.

Del Rio allegedly said: Norwegian Joy is getting the first race track on board a ship, with two levels and eight turns that can race 10 cars at a time, 35-40 mph, but del Rio said Bliss will get a race track that is 20 percent longer and have 10 turns, two of which will be banked and cantilevered over the side of the ship. “I want to see somebody beat that” .


(Courtesy Cruise Industry News)


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One Response to “Norwegian Joy Float Out”

  1. Jo Walker Says:

    Yes, a great innovation for those who want a fun fair at sea…Why ever not? Other ships have massive water slides, roundabouts , shopping malls. If it attracts passengers, then NCL are on to a good thing. Not my scene, but there’s now plenty of choice at sea.

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