Celebrity Edge Revealed

(Courtesy Celebrity)

Celebrity has finally revealed that ‘Celebrity Edge’ has an “outward facing design”, which is a quest for a better connection with the sea.

Edge has a Magic Carpet, staterooms with infinite verandas, designer suites and a Rooftop Garden with artificial trees.

The Magic Carpet, by visionary architect Tom Wright, is a platform the size of a tennis court that’s cantilevered from the side of the ship. It serves as a lounge-like tender embarkation area where travellers will be taken ashore via Edge tenders.

The Magic Carpet can rise from sea level all the way up to Deck 16, where a ‘Dinner on the Edge’ experience for up to 90 people will be unlike any other. Or, when alongside Deck 14, the Magic Carpet becomes an extension of the pool area. And, at Deck 5, it provides alfresco seating for the restaurants.

The resort deck, also by Wright, features a Rooftop Garden with artificial trees and plentiful cabanas .  Continuing the quest for a better connection to the sea, the resort deck has sun-loungers which face outward, overlooking the ocean. At night, the space will transform for live music and movie/meal area.

The design of the Edge Staterooms addresses what passengers have always asked for: bigger bathrooms, bigger beds, more storage, more living area and a closer connection to the sea.

The Edge staterooms (900 of them, with 16 for single passengers) will have infinity verandas, making them 23% bigger than the industry standard.

The veranda have elegant French doors, when opened make the veranda a seamless part of the room. When those French doors are closed, creating a separate veranda area, the top of a floor-to-ceiling outside window can be lowered to the open air. (As on board many European river boats).

Celebrity Edge more than doubled the number of suites compared to the industry standard. The Retreat, featuring a private pool, lounge and the exclusive restaurant Luminae form a new, exclusive suites area.

Two suite categories are new. The top grade: a pair of ‘Iconic Suites’, positioned above the bridge. These are over nearly 2,600 square feet with two bedrooms and two baths, panoramic windows and a 700-square-foot veranda with 270-degree views.

Also new are the six split-level Edge Villas, with stunning views from two stories of windows, private plunge pools and direct walk-out access to The Retreat Sundeck.

(Courtesy Celebrity)

The 146 Sky Suites were redesigned with beds that face the balcony, and each has a rocking chair. The bathroom bath has a large oval tub with shower and a view of the sea.

All suites and double occupancy staterooms are fitted with plush king-sized cashmere mattresses, with queen-sized mattresses in the solo rooms.

In all accommodations, small touchscreens control temperature, ‘scenes’, such as romantic mood lighting, curtains, a ‘green’ mode and service request icons.

Celebrity Edge’s maiden revenue cruise sails Dec. 16, 2018. Reservations open today. The ship will alternate weekly cruises to the eastern and western Caribbean from Fort Lauderdale’s Port Everglades.

The 2,900-passenger, 129,500 gross tonne ship will be based at Port Everglades’ Terminal 25, which is being designed with a tailor-made experience especially for Edge.


Malcolm says: Well the wait is over, we now know some details about “Celebrity Edge, a ship designed to leave the future behind”.

It’s nice to see Celebrity have only gone a little bigger than the ‘Solstice’ class, but have slightly passenger numbers compared to ‘Reflection’, for example. She’s still a mega-ship though.

A better connection with the sea has become an industry goal (NCL Breakaway, MSC Seaview, etc.) after a period when mega-ships (like RCI’s Voyager class) were very inward-focussed, with the ship becoming more important than the sea. Some mega-ships offered few sea views from their public rooms.  Celebrity have embraced the ‘outward facing’ concept with ‘Edge’.

We still do not entirely know what Edge will actually look like, but we do know a lot about the accommodation and the ‘Resort Deck’.  As I predicted below the ‘Infinite Veranda’ staterooms is a nice idea that is borrowed form European river boats.

I’m not sure if the ‘Magic Carpet’ is a great innovation or a bit of a gimmick – only time will tell. It certainly will not accommodate many passengers. (I was never a  fan of the Oasis classes ‘Rising Tide’ bar).  It will give the ship a strange lopsided appearance.

The only problem with all of those wonderfully spacious  Suites and Villas, is that most of us will never get to stay in one. I saw a price of around $19,399 per person, for a ‘Iconic Suite’ on the maiden cruise. I wonder how much it would cost to charter a private yacht for a week?

Comments Welcome!

Video tour of Infinite Veranda stateroom HERE


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4 Responses to “Celebrity Edge Revealed”

  1. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Hi Karl, I’m wrong! Edge will be 129,500 but carry a slightly less passengers than ‘reflection’.

  2. Karl Says:

    Are we sure edge is smaller then solstice? My understanding is that it’s bigger, but a few less passengers onboard.

  3. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    You are welcome Tom.

  4. Tom Burke Says:

    I think you know that I’m travelling at the moment and haven’t been able to keep up with things, so thanks for summarising the details.

    I cruised on Celebrity Solstice some years ago, and my thoughts then were that her design seemed to be intended to draw the attention inwards, away from the sea. It’s good to hear that the Edge ship may be different.

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