European River Cruise Market Grew 2.7% In 2016

1.36m passengers cruised on Europe’s rivers in 2016, up 2.7% from the previous year.

The North American source market provided the greatest share of guests, corresponding to 38.7%, followed by the Germany with 28.4%


Are you a keen ocean cruiser?

Are you thinking of trying your first European river cruise?

The high fare that are charged for many river cruises is the main stumbling block for many would-be-river cruisers.

River cruises are often called ‘good value’ by the river cruise lines, but their definition of ‘value’ is quite different to mine. (A million pound diamond on sale for half-a-million pounds is fantastic value, but I won’t be buying one.)

You can easily pay twice the price for a river cruise, when compared to an ocean cruise – but will it be twice as good?

I made the swap from ocean to river about a year ago. My latest/second river cruise review is available to read.

My review helps explain the differences between the two genres (ocean & river) and highlights some truths that the glossy brochures and web sites fail to tell you.

Amadeus Elegant ship review HERE




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