Celebrity Edge – External Rendering

Click to enlarge (Courtesy Celebrity Cruises)

So we finally see an external rendering of ‘Edge’.

The bow design is very similar to that of the  AIDA newbuilds and NCL’s Leonardo newbuild (see NCL images below).  I like it.  It’s quite different from the traditional bow form. I assume that it performs better?

The ‘Magic Carpet’ (moving platform) located only on the starboard side looks a little ungainly. It remains to be seen if it is a ‘real’ innovation or a ‘gimmick’. I do note that it can act as a tender platform.

There are plenty of front facing windows, above the bridge, over several decks for a lounge/buffet/restaurant etc.

The funnel looks cool from this angle.

There does not appear to be any large wrap-around promenade deck on the port or starboard side, apart from behind the lifeboats. Most of the public deck space appears to be on the sun-deck.


Video tour of Infinite Veranda stateroom HERE


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