Carnival Reflection – 184,000 gt Newbuild Leaked

The Costa version of Carnival’s 184,00 gt ship.

In 2015, Carnival Corporation announced that they would be building four 183,900 gross tonne LNG ships.  Each ship will accommodate 5,200 passengers.

Costa, AIDA, P&O and Carnival would get one each between 2020 and 2022.

So far we have only seen renderings of the ‘Costa’ version.

However Travel Journalist Jordan Bailey at the excellent ‘Cruise Capital’ has found a ship model, which appears to be of the Carnival version of the 180,000 gt newbuild. This version of the ship is set to enter service in 2022.

Interestingly the model carries the name ‘Carnival Reflection’

There appears to be some new bow/hull graphics too and the distinctive Carnival funnel.

See the Carnival model at ‘Cruise Capital’ HERE



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One Response to “Carnival Reflection – 184,000 gt Newbuild Leaked”

  1. PRO Says:

    im glad they still have the funnel :)

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