Destinations and Itineraries Drive Cruise Selection

Frank Del Rio

Destinations and itineraries are by far the key influencers for consumers deciding which cruise to take, according to Frank Del Rio, president and CEO of the Norwegian Cruise Line.

Del Rio said that 82 percent cite destinations or itinerary as the key drivers of their cruise selection, compared to 77 percent who cited price and 68 percent who said the length of the cruise were the most important factors.

Embarkation ports, sailing dates and past experience with a particular cruise line or ship were less important, according to Del Rio.

He also noted that shore excursions were by far the biggest contributor to on-board revenue.

(Cruise Industry News)

Malcolm says: Irrespective of the statistics, I Personally feel that as a cruise passengers spends more time on-board their chosen ship during a cruise, than on land, so the ship/line HAS to be a very important choice. Staterooms, public rooms, food, service, even décor and the on-board ambience (inc. fellow your passengers) are VITALLY important to their success of your cruise.

A recent survey* of American passengers revealed that 34% of passengers don’t get off at ports of call, preferring to stay on-board . I can certainly testify that today’s mega-ships have more to see and do than  some of the Caribbean islands . The ship facilities are also uncrowded in port.  *(Source Allianz Global Assistance)

In terms of booing, I think that we are all looking for the “perfect storm” (pardon the pun): The right line/ship, itinerary, date, departure port, stateroom and fare/perks. When we can align them all, or most of them, then we book.


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