Amazing Aerial Pictures: Titanic Replica

Amazing aerial pictures show the £105m full-size Titanic replica set to be completed by this year as a part of a grand theme park in China. It will not be a functioning ship, but a hotel/attraction.

The project is NOT to be confused with the Titanic II project where the Australian millionaire, Clive Palmer,  claimed that he was going to build a full-sized cruising Titanic replica. Well, he never did and almost certainly never will.

Titanic II – Clive Palmer Gets Cold Feet: HERE

Bodies Of 3rd-Class Titanic Passengers Tossed Overboard

Rarely does a month go by without a story about the ill fated liner appearing in the media.

Here is a recent example.

Daily Mail article: HERE

Below is a link to my article comparing the worlds biggest ocean liner  in 1912, ‘RMS Titanic’, to the biggest modern class of cruise ship ‘Oasis of The Seas’.

Titanic v Oasis of the Seas: HERE  



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2 Responses to “Amazing Aerial Pictures: Titanic Replica”

  1. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Fredrick, I’m sure if Palmer’s Titanic had sailed into Southampton waters the spectators hearts would skip a beat, even if they had been sceptical or thought it was distasteful. I’d love to walk through (or even better, cruise) on a replica Titanic.

  2. Fredrick V. James Says:

    She was such a lovely gracefull ship, long and sleek, such great lines. What a shame that Palmer was such an ass and let the Titanic 2 project fall through. Id had loved to see her skimming through the ocean once more!

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