Taking Center Stage

On the subject of entertainment:

The big mass-market lines, like RCI, NCL and MSC, have really upped their game in recent years, in terms of entertainment.  In fact RCI have some of the best shows at sea, in my opinion.


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2 Responses to “Taking Center Stage”

  1. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Hi Alan, thanks for the extensive feedback.

    I’d like to try Disney and may well do one day. I’m not adverse to flying across the pond, time and money permitting. Disney ships also venture to Europe occasionally and have berthed at the occasional UK port.

    I agree about NCL’s Waterfront. such a simple and obvious idea – put bars and ding along a prom deck – brilliant! I have visited a couple of NCL Breakaway/Plus ships when they breifly visited the UK. However Rain (we are famous for it) prevented me seen the Waterfront in action. In contrast, RCI’s ‘Quantum’ class is so ‘inward’ – some clever tech though!

    Thanks for your contribution.

  2. ALAN B BENSON Says:

    Agree that RCI, NCL & MSC have stepped up their entertainment..I am a cruise agent & have cruised all but Costa..you really should try Disney Cruise Lines..I know, too may kids, BUT remember they have adults only areas for shows, bars, pools, etc…I am mid 60’s, no kids, and my wife & I love Disney , especially the Disney Dream & Fantasy, their latest ships. I find Disney has THEE best cabins, service, shows, MDR food, private island ( Castaway Cay by far!)..LOVE their rotation dining concept where you dine in different restaurants every night & your staff greets you at all of them…very cool..there must be a reason these 2 ships are ranked # 1 & 2 on Cruise Critic..I first cruised on the smaller, older Disney Wonder in 2006 on a short 3 night cruise..I was blown away by how good everything was..we are Diamond on RCI, Gold on NCL, so I know both very well..our 4 night 2013 Disney Dream cruise was amazing..I know you live in England, but I would urge you to try Disney, especially the newer Dream ( 3-4 nights) or the Fantasy ( 7 nights)..yes, they are more $$, but just the cabins, shows & Castaway Cay are worth the money alone IMO..love your blogs..agree about RCI’s food- not so good, but ships are fantastic..also LOVE NCL’s Waterfront area..best public area on the 7 seas..we are cruising the Getaway this November..Cheers..


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