Eurostar To Amsterdam

Siemens e320 (Courtesy Eurostar)

Eurostar will launch direct services from London to Amsterdam, taking four hours,  by the end of the year.

A direct route to Rotterdam is also said to be “final stages”.

The company has unveiled a preview of its new e320 trains set to run between London and Brussels, which will be introduced over the next 18 months as part of a £1 billion investment.

The new fleet has 20% more capacity than present Eurostar services and will have wifi plus 300 hours of on-board entertainment streamed to customer devices.

The e320 trains have been operating on the London-Paris route since November 2015.

The company hopes to entice some of the three million passengers who travel between London and Amsterdam by air each year.

(Kent Online)

Malcolm says: this service will make it a little easier to travel  into Europe for those Brits who can reach London.  I believe Eurostar will later be introducing non-stop services to Germany and France. These train routes could be useful for cruise passengers who do not want to fly, yet want to join ships (and river boats) from European ports.


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