Introducing AIDA’s Helios Class

AIDA Cruises has issued renderings and some details for its next class of ships, the Helios-class.

These ships are aimed at the German market and will be in excess of 180,000 gross tons and carry 5,200 passengers (lower berths), powered by LNG.

The first AIDA ship will be delivered from Meyer Werft in late 2018, the second in 2021.

The ships design will have 21 stateroom categories, ranging from penthouse suites to family, veranda staterooms and single cabins.

There will be 17 restaurants, including the traditional German self-service options, a-la-carte restaurants and five speciality options. Among the speciality options will be French Kiss, Casanova and the Brauhaus. (Apparently the German’s like buffets and there will be a good choice of them on-board).

(Image Courtesy AIDA)

(Image courtesy AIDA)

Deck 16 will be an activity deck with a waterslide, water park, mini golf and a ropes course.

The pool deck will have a light-weight retractable glass roof, making the ships suitable for deployment in Northern Europe, in the winter. This will feature AIDA’s popular beach-club as on-board AIDAprima.

(AIDA Cruises)

The Costa version  (Courtesy Carnival)

Malcolm says: We have now seen renderings of the Costa Cruises version of this amazing Carnival design, the P&O version and a leaked model of the Carnival Cruises version.

The P&O version

Although AIDA is aimed at the thriving German market, it looks as if the P&O and AIDA versions of this ship share a ‘Dome’. The Costa version does not appear to have this feature, but I guess she will spend much of her time in the hot Mediterranean. In the case of the leaked Carnival model, it is unclear as yet if she does have a dome or not – but I guess not, as she will probably be deployed in the Caribbean.

The deck space/prom looks to be extensive, rather like MSC’s ‘Seaside’ and NCL’s project ‘Leonardo’. Did you notice the two level prom deck, seen clearly in the AIDA renderings with an extremely long/steep staircase linking the two levels. It looks far from ideal!

Although these are not the biggest ships in the world (in terms of gross tonnage) some say that they will be the most crowded in the world!


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3 Responses to “Introducing AIDA’s Helios Class”

  1. Jo Walker Says:

    It’s pointless giving a new ship to UK/Germany if it doesn’t have a “dome”…which is why we use Ventura and not Britannia/Indy/etc… you need an indoor pool in Northern Europe, if only for seating in the warmth!

  2. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Almost BEYOND big! ;-)

  3. Edwin Todd Says:

    Far too big.

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