Introducing MSC’s World Class

World Class – click to enlarge (Courtesy MSC)

MSC Cruises has now confirmed their order for up to four LNG-powered cruise ships of 200,000gt at STX France and released the first rendering of their new design.

The total order is valued at €4.5bn.

The delivery schedule is 2022 and 2024, with the options in 2025 and 2026. Each ship will have 2,760 staterooms and accommodate up to 6,850 passengers—the highest capacity of any cruise ship.

Click to enlarge (MSC)

MSC Cruises said the Y-shaped profile will enable panoramic sea views and increase the proportion of balcony cabins. The ships’ G bow—vertically positioned at a 90-degree angle—has been designed to improve stability for passenger comfort and hydrodynamics for fuel efficiency.


Click to enlarge (MSC)

Other innovations include family-friendly ‘villages,’ a panoramic aft and a glass pool lounge.



Click to enlarge (MSC)

Malcolm says: Wow, she certainly looks original from the front, although the rear split superstructure is of course RCI Oasis style. The thought of 6,850 passengers will scare many people. That’s around 554 more passengers than RCI’s ‘Oasis’ class, the world’s biggest cruise ship, yet the ‘World Class’ will be some 25,000 gross tonnes (12.5 per cent) smaller. She sounds ‘busy’!

One of her innovations is a ‘square’ cabin design. We have yet to see the renderings of the cabins.



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5 Responses to “Introducing MSC’s World Class”

  1. PRO Says:

    inducting so many new designs all at once seems very problematic

  2. CruseSceptic (@cruisesceptic) Says:

    Ordering ships and commissioning artists renderings is the easy part – MSC simply don’t have the culture to compete with RCCI or Carnival as a leisure provider.

  3. Paul stoffels Says:

    Imitation of the Seas, Haha

  4. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Paul see my added images – The ‘World Class’ might be regarded as an imitation of the ‘Oasis class’.

  5. Paul stoffels Says:

    Deze Mr Malcolms

    I’m not impressed.
    Meraviglia seems to me A cheap imitation of RCI’s Quantum class with A promenade à la Voyager thrown in. Seaside : that is new and different.
    But with with World Class we are back to the big bulky ships that offer little connection with the sea.
    Theorie fleet plan Lack consistency.

    I was on Fantasia in March. The ship was fully booked and it felt already too crowded.

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