MSC: Cirque du Soleil At Sea


MSC Meraviglia is the first cruise ship ever to feature a custom Entertainment Lounge designed in collaboration with Cirque du Soleil to create a unique experience at sea.

In addition, this long-term partnership will be extended to MSC Meraviglia’s three sister ships, which will be launched in 2019, 2020 and 2022. Six nights per week, Cirque du Soleil’s outstanding artists will deliver two unique shows – created exclusively for MSC Cruises – before audiences of 500 guests.

This magical entertainment experience will take place in the purpose-built 1,000 square-metre aft lounge, where guests will be able to enjoy dinner or cocktails whilst witnessing spectacular performances.


Carousel Lounge – built specifically for CDS shows (MSC)

VIAGGIO, the first of the two shows, is the story of a passionate and eccentric artist who hears the call of his Faceless Muse. Mysterious and seductive, she beckons him into the vivid world of his unbridled imagination to complete his masterpiece. With each stroke of his paintbrush, the Painter reveals the details of his grandiose tableau. Electrifying colours fill the space with intriguing motifs and rich textures. Majestic acts transform the theatre into a living canvas. Before our very eyes, a masterpiece comes to life with sound at its heart.


SONOR – the second show – takes guests on an auditory adventure with dancers, acrobats and characters, all moving to the rhythm. It conjures a world of unique sensations, astonishing sounds, bold music and immersive projections and culminates in a grand finale for the senses.



Malcolm says: It’s nice to see the major cruising offering entertainment beyond the normal ‘flesh & feathers’ type.


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3 Responses to “MSC: Cirque du Soleil At Sea”

  1. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Hi Paul, all RCI’S shows are included. In the fare such as the aqua-show. So are facilities like their Zip-Wire, flow-rider and I-fly. NCL charge for their Spigel Tent shows, but include a mediocre meal.

  2. Paul stoffels Says:

    You are Right Malcolms. It’s time cruise lines come up with more contemporary forms of entertainment. But this show is not included in the fare!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I have seen both greats show

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