Ritz-Carlton Goes Cruising


As part of the newly created Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection, the five-star hotel brand will launch three small, ultra-luxury ships.

These luxury ships are expected to cost around $220 million each. The first delivery is in 2019, followed by two sister ships in 2020 and 2021, respectively.

The ship’s design is a radical departure from traditional cruise ships, inside and out. Its exterior is meant to capture “the Maserati effect,” which begs onlookers to see what’s inside.

Fredrik Johansson, owner and executive project director of Tillberg Design of Sweden said that the Ritz-Carlton project represents the first time he’s designing a cruise line’s maiden ship and from scratch. To that end, he drew inspiration from other superyachts — as well as Maserati—rather than from his competitors.

He thinks of the 190-meter (623-foot) vessels as hybrids between ultra-luxury small ships and yachts. If small cruisers carry about 650 passengers, on average, and a typical superyacht can hold a couple dozen, these are right in between, with 298 passengers in 149 suites.

Most small luxury ocean liners that are currently sailing—are being built or reconfigured as expedition ships to meet the demand of a the adventure cruise sector. They’re largely heading to the polar regions of Antarctica and Greenland and the Scandinavian fjords.

So Ritz-Carlton saw an opening in the market: small-ship cruising along the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, and New England. They’re classic destinations that are popular with cruisers—yet they’re exclusively serviced by mega-ships that overwhelm the regions’ biggest ports.

The Barreras Shipyard, Vigo, Spain-based shipyard is rumored to be building the three vessels for Ritz-Carlton. It has not previously built cruise ships, but has experience in mega ferries and container ships.



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2 Responses to “Ritz-Carlton Goes Cruising”

  1. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Yes Paul, I’m unlikely to be writing a review from the teak deck of a Ritz-yacht anytime soon.

    I guess that I could buy 2-3 mass market cruises for the cost of one Ritz-yacht cruise.

  2. Paul stoffels Says:

    Oh yesss. Looks absolutely wonderful. When do bookings open?
    I’m ready to book. Just let me win the national lottery first. Hahaha
    This won’t come cheap.

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