RCI Registers Two New Cruise Ship Names

(Courtsey RCI)

Royal Caribbean filed two new trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for cruise ship names.

Royal Caribbean filed for new trademarks on Apex of the Seas and Joy of the Seas on June 27, 2017.

The registration comes just days after Royal Caribbean registered for a similar trademark for Spectrum of the Seas.

(Source: Matt Hochberg – royalcaribbeanblog.com)

Malcolm says: RCI often file some names that they intend to use and some which are decoys.

Personally I don’t really like any of the three of those names. How can the sea have an “Apex”? This makes me think  “Joy” and “Spectrum” are more likely to be used.

I wish today’s cruise lines would be more inventive with their ship names than the like of ‘Dream’, ‘Joy’ and ‘Sun’.  Some of the original Ocean Liners had great names, like: Caronia, Leviathan, Orsova, Empress of Britain, Britannic and Carpathia etc.



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