Cruise Tourists Overwhelm Europe’s Ancient Resorts

Venice (Courtesy Gary Bembridge)

“There are places where the surge of global tourism is starting to feel like a tidal wave”.

“Ancient cities around the shores of the Mediterranean and Adriatic are on the front line, their stone streets squeezed full of summer visitors as budget airlines and giant cruise ships unload ever-growing armies of tourists…”

See full BBC article: HERE

Malcolm says: This subject gives me a moral dilemma. On the one hand I enjoy travelling and the visiting places  that mass market cruises and budget airlines make affordable. On the other-hand cities and islands overrun by tourists are not pleasant and is detrimental for many of the people living there. I guess we can’t have it both ways.

I have been to Venice in August when there were three relatively big ships in port.  That must have equated to at least 6,000 cruise passengers alone, descending on Venice for the day, possibly a lot more. It was difficult to even walk on the pavements. This beautiful city felt like a big shopping mall on Christmas Eve.



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