The World’s Busiest Cruise Ports

Miami port (Courtesy

The top 21 ports reporting their 2016 traffic numbers were:

Miami: 4,898,000 passengers

Everglades: 3,890,000 passengers

Canaveral: 3,685,833 passengers

Cozumel: 3,637,321 passengers

Shanghai: 2,847,000 passengers

Barcelona: 2,683,594 passengers

Civitavecchia: 2,339,676 passengers

Nassau: 2,034,685 passengers

Canary Islands: 1,981,489 passengers

Balearic Islands: 1,957,429 passengers

U.S.Virgin Islands: 1,776,685 passengers

Galveston: 1,730,289 passengers

Grand Cayman: 1,711,565 passengers

Southampton: 1,700,000 passengers

St. Maarten: 1,668,863 passengers

Jamaica: 1,655,565 passengers

Venice: 1,605,660 passengers

Marseille: 1,597,213 passengers

Sydney (Australia): 1,309,000 passengers

Naples: 1,306,151 passengers

New Orleans: 1,070,323 passengers


(Source: Cruise Industry News)



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