Southseas’s New Hovercraft


Britain have always been at the forefront of Hovercraft design and manufacture. After all, we invented them!

Hovertravel’s cross-Solent service between Ryde (Isle of Wight, UK) and Southsea (near Portsmouth) is the longest running Hovercraft service in the world. It was established in 1965 and has ran ever since using a number of different models of hovercraft over the years. Hovertravel normally provide a two hovercraft service.

In 2016 Hovertravel introduced two new Hovercraft, the 12000TD craft ‘Solent Flyer’ and ‘Island Flyer’.

There were initially some concerns about the comfort and reliability of these new machines, compared to the previous models.


Q: Have you been on one of the new Hovertravel craft? What are they like?

Malcolm says: They can be noisy and bumpy, but it’s quite a thrill ride!


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2 Responses to “Southseas’s New Hovercraft”

  1. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Hi Bruce, I remember as a child/young man the Hovercraft used to roar up the beach making a deafening sound. They used to effectively have aircraft engines that used to ‘whine’ very loudly. Today, the ones at Southsea have diesel engines and they sound more like a slightly louder bus or lorry. Yes, I believe that the internal noise and vibration has been minimised.

  2. Bruce Tucker Says:

    They can’t be any worse for vibration than the old ones.
    However I still prefer the slow ferries or the fast cat from Southampton.

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