Viking: Now Ten Ocean Vessels

(Courtesy Viking)

Following the agreement signed in April 2017 between Fincantieri and Viking Ocean Cruises, the contracts for the construction of the 7th and 8th ships became effective and, in addition, the company announced in December that it has exercised the option for the 9th and the 10th vessel in the series.

The new vessels will be sister-ships of the previous series ordered, four of which have been delivered. The ships have a gt of 47,800 and can accommodate 930 guests in 465 all-veranda cabins.

The first of the series, ‘Viking Star’, built at Fincantieri Marghera, was delivered in March, 2015; the second, the third, and the fourth, ‘Viking Sea’, ‘Viking Sky’ and ‘Viking Sun’, built at Ancona, were delivered in March, 2016, January and September, 2017, respectively.

The other six, including the exercised options, will be delivered in 2018, 2019, 2021, two in 2022 and 2023.

Viking’s fifth ship, the ‘Viking Orion’ is due to be introduced in the summer of 2018 and the sixth, as yet unnamed, sister ship is due to be delivered in the spring of 2019.

In October, 2017, Viking also announced that it had placed an order for seven new river ships, including six additional Viking Longships and one additional vessel based on the Longships design that will sail on Portugal’s Douro River.

The new river cruise ships will enter service in 2019.


Malcolm says: There seems to be no stopping Viking.  Viking are very successfully building on their reputation for offering quality river cruises and are quickly gaining a reputation for offering quality ocean cruises too.  Viking have quite a dominance in European river cruising and are looking at offering more global river cruises such as on the Nile and Mississippi rivers. Although they have some stiff competition in the Ocean cruise market, their expansion has been at breakneck speed. In fact Viking well become the biggest small-ship operator in the near future.

More Viking ocean ships will mean more varied itineraries from them. However their fares are in line with their high quality experience: expensive.

Is river cruising for you? See HERE


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7 Responses to “Viking: Now Ten Ocean Vessels”

  1. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Thanks for the information Felipe.

  2. Felipe Ordóñez de Rivera Says:

    The sixth Viking Ocean ship will be “Viking Jupiter”.

  3. Edwin Todd Says:

    We could but it is not so easy from the North East of England. Possibly requiring an overnight stay in London each side of the holiday as well as the cost of travelling to London by train, with all the hassle that entails.

  4. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Can you not buy ‘cruise only’ from Viking and take the train to Europe?

  5. Edwin Todd Says:

    Hi Malcolm, I can understand the point Gillian Walsh makes. If people do not like flying it makes some of the cruise options impossible. We too like cruising from UK ports for that very reason. Have cruised from Hull and Newcastle. This year we will be cruising from Tilbury and Rosyth.

  6. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Hi Gillian, what is wrong with the flights?

  7. Gillian Walsh Says:

    Viking: drawback, return flight to ship. Plus point, fantastic experience aboard and ashore. Wish I could afford more and they would sail from Newcastle.

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