Fred. Olsen Jnr Hints At New-Build Ship

Black Watch (Tilbury, 14-12-16)

Stories about Fred. Olsen cruise line building a new ship/s has been circulating the Net for a few years now.

‘ShipMonk’ – Dave Monk’s excellent cruise blog, has some exciting new information on the subject:

See Here

Malcolm says: I think part of the charm of Fred. Olsen and CMV is their fleets of small old ships. They have so much more charm than big new ships. An Olsen newbuild will be a very different product. I can only imaging Olsen’s fare would go up to pay for for newbuilds and they are not cheap now. This would make Olsen a competitor of the likes of Viking Ocean Cruises, Saga’s new build and Oceania cruises etc.

Marco Polo To Be Sold?

Dave Monk also has some information about the rumour that CMV’s classic ship, ‘Marco Polo’ will be sold to become a ‘residential community’.

See Here

(Courtesy Storylines)

Storylines web site

Malcolm says: I have no idea is the Marco Polo story is true, but I can’t really think of a ship less suitable to become a luxury residential community. She is 53 years old with small cabins and no balconies.  I love the Marco Polo, but I would not spend 40 million on renovating a ship that old to become a  “contemporary” community’. She’s a modest little ocean liner and public cruising is what she does best.

Marco Polo Review


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3 Responses to “Fred. Olsen Jnr Hints At New-Build Ship”

  1. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Hi Edwin, I’d not studied the details/deck plans, so well done – but it just sounds very unlikely to me.

  2. Edwin Todd Says:

    Hi Malcolm, the story regarding Marco Polo just does not add up. I agree with you in so far as such an expense on such an old vessel does not make sense. Looking on their deck plan it would appear that most, if not all inner cabins are to be removed in order to create larger outer cabins. They talk of 450 cabins and their plans remove the show lounge for additional cabins but it still does not add up at all.

  3. Jo Walker Says:

    Fred O is cheaper for us, leaving from Newcastle, than the expense of the train journey/car parking and hotel in Southampton.

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