Genting: Global Class Details


Global Class (Courtesy Genting)

Genting Hong Kong has announced that Dream Cruises will get the first Global-class newbuild previously allocated to Star Cruises.

The 5,000-guest, 204,000-ton ship will join the Dream Cruises fleet starting in 2020. Genting Hong Kong has a sister ship set for a 2021 delivery as well, which could also be poised to join Dream Cruises.

Genting Hong Kong revealed more details of its upcoming 5,000-guest 204,000-ton Global-class ships, with the first set to debut for the Dream Cruises brand at the end of 2020, followed by a sister ship at the end of 2021.

The news was released at a steel cutting ceremony in Germany .

“The Global Class ships will follow the embrace of Asians of artificial intelligence in their daily lives, with facial and voice recognition for most services onboard and robots to perform mundane tasks, allowing the crew to focus on service delivery,” said Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay, chairman and CEO of Genting.

According to a statement, the ships are designed specifically for the rapidly growing Asian cruise market with features such as a Cineplex, theme park, Asian spa, authentic multiple Asian dining experiences including fast food alternatives and affordable shopping facilities in addition to luxury shopping facilities.

The cabins are uniquely designed for the Asian family and can comfortably sleep two, three or four persons with split (two) bathrooms, allowing for a wider price point for the Asian market, Genting said.

The ship will also provide a variety of exciting entertainment including a roller coaster, water park and surf simulator, the company announced.

With total life-saving capacity of up to 9,500 passengers, the Global Class ships can cater for the extremely high peak holiday periods in Asia, Genting said, in a statement.

The new ships will also have eight sets of escalators connecting the public areas.

With facial recognition, there will be minimal queuing for boarding, disembarkation and payments; contextual marketing to even out demand on ship facilities and other artificial intelligent systems, the company announced.


Click to enlarge (Courtesy Genting)

Malcolm says: It’s taken a long while, but Royal Caribbean’s designs are starting to appear on other lines ships. From the renderings above, the ‘Global Class ‘appears to have a Cabins facing inwards overlooking some sort of forecourt (like Oasis’s Boardwalk cabins). She also appears to have a small sunken Garden (like Oasis’s ‘Central Park’). However whether this will be real plants and trees or artificial, remains to be seen. You can also see the Surf Simulator too (like Oasis’s Flow Rider) and some water chutes. These are now popular on many ships, but Carnival and NCL pioneered them. The stern area looks like NCL’s Spice H2O.

So where’s the roller coaster that has been mentioned?


2 Responses to “Genting: Global Class Details”

  1. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Hi Paul, good point. Genting Hong Kong and Star Cruises are only seem interested in the Aisan market at present. However if they turned turned their minds and resources to it,China could become very dominate in the global the cruising world. It is amazing that a relative newcomer to cruising, Genting, will have one of the worlds biggest cruise ships (the Global Class) in the near future. NCL have clearly decided to keep a little smaller.

  2. Paul stoffels Says:

    A life saving capaciteit of up to 9500!!!
    Thanks But No thanks. I suppose the Chinese see things differently.
    All the major European and American lines now market their product in China.
    I wonder if someday Chinese lines Will market their cruises to the western public

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