CMV’s 2019/20 Programme

Cruise and Maritime Voyages’ winter and spring 2019/20 cruise programme includes new winter voyages to Africa, a world cruise, Christmas and New Year cruises to the Canary Islands & Madeira, plus Mexico and Caribbean.

See full SEATRADE article: HERE

(Image Courtesy of CMV)

Details of new ship, Vasgo Da Gama: HERE


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5 Responses to “CMV’s 2019/20 Programme”

  1. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Thanks for the comment, Russell.

  2. Russell Jasper Says:

    As the cruiseship Pacific Pearl ( P & O Cruises Australia ), she was
    one of my favourite ships to sail in. Holland America and P&O kept
    her in tiptop shape. For her age, she is in beautiful condition.
    I have fond memories of good times as a guest cruising on her.

  3. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    CMV are not 5 star, but if you don’t pay 5 star prices, they are ‘Very Good’ in my opinion.

  4. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Well I like them Jo
    They are not 5 star but if you pay a good fare, you will NOT be disappointed.

  5. Jo Walker Says:

    Some great itineraries… we’re interested in a cruise out of Newcastle, Round British Isles, which includes a sail up the Seine! Never been on CM before.

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