P&O Cruises To Scrap Their Service Charge

P&O Cruises will abolish their daily service charge on-board its entire fleet next year.

The move, which will come into effect from May 2019, means passengers’ bills will not include a discretionary charge – currently £7 – for service received onboard.

If passengers want to pay a service charge they can visit reception during their cruise.


Malcolm says: This very short story above, is probably one of the most significant changes in British cruising for decades.  Over the years, there have been endless debates about ‘tipping’ on-line.

Us Brits are NOT a nation of tippers and many British cruise passengers have begrudged paying this almost hidden cost, in addition to their cruise fares. I say hidden, because it is always tucked away in the small print. However the problem was always was one of guilt. The service charge (gratuity or tips, call it what you will) effectively paid the crews wages. The cruise lines hardly do.

I don’t think the issue was the fact that us Brits are mean, we just believe than employees should be paid a decent wage and not have to rely on ‘tips’. We also don’t like add-ons to the ‘sticker price’.  P&O’s decision gives British cruise passengers what we have been demanding for decades. Couple that with reasonably bar prices and P&O are onto a winner! Cunard, RCI and NCL have just become a little less attractive.

Mind you, P&O are not the first UK cruise line to abolish tips. Thomson cruises have successfully had a no tipping policy for decades.

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