The Isle of Man – Record Cruise Visits


The Isle of Man has had its recorded its highest number of cruise visits ever in 2018 with 24 cruise ships carrying 8,391 passengers visit the Island, along with 6,026 crew.

These figures represent a 20 percent increase from 2017 in cruise passengers participating in an organised shore excursion with a total of 4,493 visitors enjoying the many guided tours, heritage sites, vintage transport, bespoke and artisan activities, along with local entertainment.

Longer term, the prospects for attracting increased cruise business to the Isle of Man were boosted earlier this year when the creation of a 240-metres long deep water berth in Douglas harbour, costing £11m, was supported in principal, as part of the Isle of Man Harbours strategy.

(Visit Isle of Man)

Malcolm says: The Isle of man is a somewhat forgotten island in the Irish Sea,  between Great Britain and Ireland. It is both charming and steeped in history. Highlights are a steam railway, a Victoria electric railway and horse draw trams running along the 2 mile Victorian promenade.  It makes a very good port of call. (See slide show above). Have you ever been?

Isle of Man Ferry, Ben My Cree: HERE



2 Responses to “The Isle of Man – Record Cruise Visits”

  1. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Hi Fred, I am also in two minds about the horses. I did visit the stables and they do appear well cared for, but should horses still be pulling people in this day and age? However it is a wonderful tradition and an excellent tourist attraction. A much overlooked island.

  2. freddowasher Says:

    Yes I’ve been a few times & it is a lovely island.

    Especially great if you like trains, been on the mountain railway, the electric trams & the steam railway from Douglas to Castletown & Port Erin. Not keen on using the horse drawn trams though even though they say the horses are well looked after. Not nice in the rain as the roads are very slippery for the horses. They offer a great ticket for use on all their transport & their bus services are excellent too.

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