How Big Is P&O’s New Iona?

This big:


(Courtesy P&O).

Above is the current P&O fleet, with ‘Iona’ added. However ‘Oriana’ will be leaving the fleet in August 2019. ‘Aurora’ will probably be next. I’m guessing that her time will come in 2023, at the latest.

Oriana and Aurora are begging to look like very ‘small’ ships when compared to today’s newbuilds.

I would not call Iona a ‘large’ ship, she is a mega-ship.  Iona will be around 180,000 gross tonnes, carrying up to 6,600 passengers, compared to Oriana at 69,000 gt, carrying up to 1,922 passengers.

For comparison, Britannia is 143,000 gt carrying up to 4,300 passengers.


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5 Responses to “How Big Is P&O’s New Iona?”

  1. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Hi Ian, well spotted. The graphic is from the P&O web site and is probably not meant to be an accurate representation.

    Term like ‘mid-sized’ and ‘larger’ are of course very subjective. To me ‘Oriana’ and ‘Aurora’ are starting to look small, Arcadia ‘mid-sized’ and Iona is ‘mega’. In fact Iona has been called the world’s biggest ship by some commentators, as she will have the world’s biggest passenger capacity. She does not qualify as biggest in terms of gross tonnage, RCI’s Oasis class still holds the crown.

  2. Ian maguire Says:

    Strange that the diagram shows oriana to be longer than aurora when in fact it is the other way round! Makes me wonder how accurate the rest of the comparison is.

  3. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Just checked, Iona does have three.

  4. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Hi Jo, some big ships only have two staircases, rather than three. They definitely make your legs ache!

  5. JoWalker Says:

    The largest ship we’ve been on is Independence OTS, and although we would enjoy Iona, there’s an awful lot of long corridors to walk down, especially if you’re in the buffet and wanting to go to the theatre at the opposite end!

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