Windstar Cruises To Stretch Three Vessels.

From new about the World’s biggest cruise ship, to some of the world’s smaller ships:

Windstar Cruises have recently announced the $250 Million Star Plus Initiative which will see it stretch and re-engine its three Star-class vessels.

The initiative will expand guest accommodations on the line’s three vessels increasing capacity from 212 passengers to 312 guests per ship, following the lengthening.

The work will be done to Star Breeze (1988), Star Pride (1988) and Star Legend (1990), in succession between October 2019 and November 2020, and take place at the Fincantieri Shipyard in Palermo, Sicily, Italy.  Each Star Class ship will be cut to allow the installation of a new section of ship that will lengthen each vessel approximately 25.6 meters bringing the total length to just over 159 meters.

The project adds 50 new suites to each vessel, bringing the total number of suites per ship to 156.  Also involved in the $250 Million Star Plus Initiative is the creation of new spaces including two new dining locations; new shop and retail space; a much enlarged fitness center; and a new spa.

Star Breeze pre-stretch (Courtesy Windstar)

The renovation includes a re-engine project for each ship and involves the removal of seven current engines and installation of four new, more environmentally friendly engines that will run on cleaner fuel and reduce emissions impact to sailing regions.

Windstar will add two brand new dining experiences including an alternative dining restaurant, and a casual barbecue space adjacent to the top deck Star Bar.  In addition the ships will get a larger pool, and a completely new spa.  The mid-ship section will see the addition of another elevator.

Other changes include a new tender loading area located mid-ship and two new 90-passenger tenders that will ferry guests to port when ships are at anchor.  Ship staff and crew areas and accommodations will be expanded and upgraded. Additional crew will be hired and the increase will maintain the line’s 1.5:1 guest to hotel staff ratio


Malcolm says: These ships were formerly Seabourn luxury vessels. I like to see cruise ships upgraded. However stretching a ship often only benefits those who get to book one of the new cabins. The rest of the passengers get a more crowded ship: in this case a 100 more passengers.  Maybe Windstar will prove me wrong, although unfortunately I am unlikely to ever be onboard to find out! (Pls. see Felipe Ordóñez de Rivera’s comment)


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One Response to “Windstar Cruises To Stretch Three Vessels.”

  1. Felipe Ordóñez de Rivera Says:

    With respect, Malcolm, I think your comment about a “more crowded” ship is misplaced. All the existing suites, which are already large, are to be reconfigured, and new bathrooms installed. Moreover, the plans include an increase in the public spaces. As the ships are currently, they have one of the largest space-to-passenger ratios (being former Seabourn 6* ships) and the stretch and renovate process should present guests with virtually an entirely new ship.

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