Venice Webcam


(Courtesy of the Independent)

Venice, is one of my favourite cities,  apart from all of the tourists that it attracts. Unfortunately it is often human gridlock, on the pavements, at peak times.

However, when was the last time you saw the Piazza San Marco as quiet as this:

See live webcam: HERE



4 Responses to “Venice Webcam”

  1. Tom Burke Says:

    Despite the crowds, the heat, the prices – it is a truly stunning place, and somewhere that once you’ve seen it, remains with you. We’ve been there three times – twice on cruises, once by air for a few days – and we’ve enjoyed it every time.

    Awful food, though, certainly in the tourist restaurants (which is nearly all of them). If you can find a ‘locals’ restaurant, and get them to serve you, it’ll be much better.

  2. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Hi Tom, a few years back I actually had a very weekend break in Venice just after Christmas. It was freezing – but deserted! You could enter a museum with 30 seconds queuing!

  3. Tom Burke Says:

    That’s amazing, isn’t it? They’ll be asking the cruise ships to come back, next…

    We were last in Venice in September 2018. We visited an island right at the north of the lagoon, Torcello, which was very rural – fields, orchards, etc, as well as some houses. (We went there to see the ancient Basilica, supposedly Venice’s first cathedral. Stunning building.) When we got back to the main island we walked from the Fundamente Nova across the Rialto and on to St Marks Square, which we fought our way across to get to the quay side at St Mark’s basin. We were goin to have a drink in one of the water-side bars along the quay, but it was all so chaotic and crowded that we just gave up and got the shuttle back to the ship (Oceana) and calmed down (and had several drinks) on board.

  4. Bruce Tucker Says:

    Best seen from Deck 14.

    Venice – powered by tourists but spoilt by tourists.

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