So who is Malcolm Oliver?

Hello, I’m Malcolm Oliver and welcome to WaterWorld.

I am NOT the Hairdresser in the Wirral, an accountant  or an Artist.

I live in the UK and simply enjoy ocean and river ships:   big modern state-of-the-art ones and the smaller ‘classic’ ones too.  I have cruised with many of the ‘major’ cruise lines and some of the ‘minor’ ones too.

Now WaterWorld is NOT some sort of homage to Kevin Costner’s 1995 post-apocalyptic science fiction film. It’s essentially a cruise blog.

Now  I’ve always though that I was a ‘blogger’, but apparently I am now a ‘digital influencer’.

This blog was established in May 2008, yet I still can’t spell.

Impartial Reviews?

My opinions are mine and mine only.   I am not  a travel agent, I do not sell cruises, I do NOT work for commission. This site has no connection at all with any cruise lines, any travel agents or any other travel sites.  It’s COMPLETELY independent. You will be very pleased to know that when you are viewing this blog, you are NOT paying for my cruises.

This is a not-for-profit blog. In fact it runs at a loss.  If/when advertisements appear on this blog, I certainly don’t get paid for them. WordPress do. (Youtube carries adverts too).

This is not a “look at me I’m on another cruise” type blog. Unfortunately,  I don’t actually get to cruise as often as I’d like.

A high-flyer (The author on ‘Oasis of the Seas’ Zip-Wire)

 You might not be surprised to learn that many media and travel professionals do get ‘free’ cruises or discounted cruises, free upgrades, with free bars.
Now given these perks,  the recipient would be very foolish to write a negative review of a cruise, just in case their name mysteriously fell of the cruise lines guest list.  I’m not suggesting that they are deliberately bias, but even a rusty old tub looks great from the balcony of a complementary suite, with a free cocktail in your hand.

Unfortunately, I have paid full fare for all of my cruises. I have never been paid  to write by any cruise lines or travel publications.  My only perk is that I very occasionally get a free visit, to see a new ship. Even then I don’t relax – I run round taking photos and making notes for my review!

If I praise a cruise line or ship, it is simply because I have had a good experience with them.   If  I am a little  critical about a line or ship, it’s because I’ve  had a bad experience.

The author doing some paperwork (Norwegian Epic, June 2010)

Published Work

Some people actually consider me to be a ‘cruise expert’.  My writings have been published in ‘The Sun’ Newspaper (the UK’s biggest circulation), in Thomson’s ‘Real Holidays’ magazine and ‘Sea Lines’ magazineVideo material of mine has been used by BBC News and Sky News. I have been an active member of a prestigious UK  ‘Ocean Liner Society’ and served on their committee.  I also contribute material to several on-line cruise forums.  Unfortunately, no fees were paid to me for any of this work, but maybe the cheques are in the post?

Well it seemed a good idea at the time (Brilliance of the Seas, Norway)

This Blog

WaterWorld is aimed at anyone interested in Cruise Ships, Ocean Liners, Ferries and River Cruises.  It features cruise news, my ship reviews and many of my own images.  There are also links to my own video and photographic material on ‘YouTube’.

Please note that as well as ‘facts’ this blog will often contain opinions, rumour and speculation: therefore I cannot guarantee the accuracy of its content.  I reserve the right to play devil’s advocate at times and even change my mind.

The author on board Cunard’s Queen in the Queen’s Room wearing his usual formal attire.

If you agree or disagree with my opinions, please feel free to post your comments via my blog’s on-line’s message feature.  I read all of the messages, but reserve the right to moderate them before posting.  You are welcome to disagree with me, but if your comments are offensive, they will not get any further than the trash can.

Polls are also included so you can vote on hot-topics.

The author in Norwegian Epic’s Ice Bar

Why Is my face Not Revealed?

  1. I would not want to be recognised on-board a cruise ship and get special treatment.
  2. I would not want to get mobbed by my fans.
  3. I would not want to get attacked by my critics.

Remember, these are very exciting times: We are  experiencing the ‘Golden age of passenger ships’. The biggest man-made moving objects in history are being built right now.

(Here I am on Anthem of the Seas)

(Here I am on Anthem of the Seas


this one

(Me again – I’m not normally this ugly, the wind distorts your face and belly, honest)

To contact me:  Just post a message.   It will not appear on the public pages, if you ask me to keep it private.   As an anti-spam measure, I read all messages before they are displayed in my blog.

Enjoy smooth sailings!

Malcolm Oliver

Me, Anthem's 'North Star' observation pod.

Me, Anthem’s ‘North Star’ observation pod.