Carnival: The Biggest Ship They Never Built


Pinnacle? (Fincantieri rendering)

In 2004, the Carnival Corporation launched a development program called the ‘Pinnacle Project’. It was shrouded in secrecy, however it is said that the aim was to design the world’s biggest cruise ship, at the time.

They say project Pinnacle was to be a 200,000+ gross tonnes, 6,000+ passenger prototype cruise ship.


(Fincantieri rendering)

Around the same time Royal Caribbean International were developing their ‘Genesis’ Project, which later went on to become ‘Oasis of the Seas’.

Carnival abandoned their Pinnacle project, stating that the Dollar to Euro rate was not conducive at the time, to making such a large investment in a giant ship.

(Photo from intelcom)

(Oasis: Photo, intelcom)

Clearly RCI disagreed and ‘Oasis’ entered service in 2009, at 225,000 gt carrying 5,000+ passengers, easily making her the world’s biggest cruise ship at the time – and her class still is.

In fact there is now  three more ‘Oasis’ class ship, the latest being ‘Symphony  of the Seas’ which entered service in 2018.  She is slightly bigger at around 227,000gt.

However Carnival have announced some ‘new big’ ships for some of their Carnival, AIDA, Costa and P&O brands at around 185,000 gross tonnes, carrying up to 6,600 passengers.  The first ship will be delivered in 2019 for AIDA, called AIDAnova.

I wonder if ideas from the ‘Pinnacle’ design were incorporated into their design?

Below is a video from the Fincantieri shipyard, designed by Maurizio Cergol, which was almost certainly one of the ‘concepts’ for the Carnival Pinnacle:

Below is a slide show of the four Carnival 185,000 gt brands for P&O, Costa, AIDA, and Carnival:

The biggest class of ship today: ‘Oasis of the Seas’ review: HERE


Read, RMS Titanic v The Oasis class: HERE



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