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Featured Ship: Sapphire Princess

May 21, 2018

Princess Cruises are a well respected American cruise line, which was formed in 1965. They currently have 17 big ships, with more on order.

Sapphire Princess (2004) at 115,875 gross tonnes, carrying 2,670+ passengers, is representative of their ‘Grand Class’ ships.

Most of the Grand class were built by the Italian shipyard, Fincantieri, but two: ‘Sapphire’ and ‘Diamond’ were built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Japan. They both are fractionally larger in terms of GT (about 3,000), than the rest.

The ‘Grand Class’ was a very successful class of ship. It evolved into the ‘Gem’, ‘Caribbean’ and ‘Crown’classes, which had enhancements, including some having an extra deck. Nine ships were built between 1998 to 2008. However another Carnival brand, ‘P&O’, received two ‘Grand Class’ variations, called the ‘Ventura’ class: ‘Ventura’ (2008) and ‘Azura'(2010).


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