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MSC Want To Build Barcelona Terminal

May 26, 2017


MSC Cruises wants to invest in a massive state-of-the-art cruise terminal at the port of Barcelona, according to Pierfrancesco Vago, the executive chairman.

There are no further details or a timescale as yet.


MSC: New ‘Cirque Du Soleil’ Shows

May 18, 2017


MSC Cruises have revealed the names and concepts for their two exclusive Cirque du Soleil at Sea shows that will be performed on board MSC Meraviglia, which enters service on June 4th, 2017.


Malcolm says: It’s nice to see the major cruising offering entertainment beyond the normal ‘flesh & feathers’ type, which may best appeal to the more mature audience.


Carousel Lounge – built specifically for CDS shows (MSC)

Full ‘Seatrade’ article: HERE

Malcolm says: The ‘Carousel Lounge’ looks a little similar to RCI’s ‘360 Degree’ lounge on-board their ‘Anthem’ class vessels, also located at the stern, although RCI’s is VERY hi-tech indeed. In fact a number of Meraviglia’s features are not unlike RCI’s, such as MSC’s version of the ‘Royal Promenade’, but with a digital Sky.


Meraviglia Promenade (MSC)

MSC’s World Class Ships

May 3, 2017


On the 6th April 2016, MSC Cruises announced that the STX France shipyard would be building up to four new cruise ships for them, called the “World Class”. (What a great play on words!)

These four ships will be delivered between 2022 and 2026.

This is MSC’s latest statement and they are giving very little away:

The WORLD CLASS ships are so groundbreaking we can only tell you that when we confirmed and announced the order for these four vessels at the Élysée Palace in Paris. Our founder, Gianluigi Aponte, was invited to meet STX’s CEO, Laurent Castaing, and none other than the President of the French Republic, François Hollande.

For the moment all we can tell you is that they are the most futuristic ships ever conceived, and their development at the moment is top secret, which means news and information will slowly be released over the next few years.

Start making plans for your future MSC experiences.


Malcolm says: “Information will slowly be released over the next few years”. I can’t wait that long, I’m far to impatient!

The slide-show above is just pure speculation.

We do know that MSC’s ‘World Class’ ships will exceed 200,000 gross tons, so they will be one of the biggest class of ships in the world, possibly only superseded by  RCI’s ‘Oasis’ class ships, depending how big Genting’s ‘Global Class’ (2019) and RCI’s ‘Icon’ (2022) newbuilds are. All these new ships are currently listed at around 200,000 gt. (Carnival’s LNG ships will be a little smaller at around 185,000 gt).

MSC Meraviglia Seatrials

May 3, 2017

MSC’s new MSC Meraviglia completed her second round of sea trials on Sunday April 30.

MSC Meraviglia, (“Wonder” in English) is the lead ship of MSC’s new Vista class vessels with a gross tonnage of 167 600 and can accommodate 5,700 passengers.

MSC Meraviglia is the first of two identical ships on order from STX France, her sister being named “Bellissima.”

Meraviglia will be delivery in May 2017 and spends its first summer sailing the Western Mediterranean with three homeports: Genoa, Marseille and Barcelona.


MSC’s Bellissima Opens For Sale

May 2, 2017

(Courtesy MSC)

MSC Cruises has announced the opening of sales for MSC Bellissima, thier second Meraviglia-Class cruise ship

Commencing in in March of 2019, the MSC Bellissima will cruise the Western Mediterranean for its inaugural season.

Bookings will open on May 15, 2017 for all guests, although MSC Voyagers Club members will be given advanced priority.

MSC’s partnership with Cirque du Soleil sees the creation for eight original shows for all four ships Meraviglia-class ships.

MSC Bellissima will call at the ports of Genoa, Marseille and Barcelona as well as other Mediterranean destinations including Naples, Messina in Sicily and Valetta in Malta,

MSC Bellissima will embark on her maiden voyage from Genoa, Italy on March 24, 2019.


MSC Magnifica, 22 Sailings From Southampton

April 16, 2017

(Courtsey MSC)

The Mediterranean Shipping Company have announced that MSC Magnifica will be based in Southampton for a season in 2018.

The 95,128 gross tonne ship, carrying up to 3,605 passenger, will be sailing a mix of Mediterranean and Northern European voyages.

The sailings will also offer special British touches such as roast dinners, afternoon tea, John Smith’s beer, a curry night, a full English breakfast, and various condiments like Marmite and HP Sauce.

The 22 sailing dates will also be all inclusive of drinks and wi-fi on-board!


NCL’s Project Leonardo “Optimal Size”.

March 21, 2017



(Courtesy NCL)

Norwegian Cruise Line has ordered at least four 140,000 tonne, 3,300-passenger Project ‘Leonardo’ ships from Fincantieri. These will be delivered from 2022 through to 2025.

This news represents a downsizing  from the recent Breakaway+ class ships at 163,000 gross tonnes, carrying 4,300 passengers.

Speaking on the company’s year-end earnings conference, President and CEO Frank del Rio called it an “optimal size”.

“The size of these vessels provides an optimal balance between deployment flexibility and earnings potential, allowing us to add new ports of call worldwide while maintaining a strong return profile with a payback of roughly five years, in line with our most recent newbuild,” said del Rio.

The ships will also allow Norwegian to redeploy existing vessels to other domestic and international homeports, where the company does not yet have a presence, according to del Rio.

(Cruise Industry News)


(Courtesy NCL)

Malcolm says: Interestingly this new class of ship is based on a prototype developed by Fincantieri, and NOT by NCL, as in the past.  I guess the advantage of this approach truly guarantees a new design of ship. However the disadvantage is that the ship can share this design with other lines. ‘Project Leanoaro’ is clearly a slightly smaller version of MSC ‘Seaside’,  also designed by Fincantieri.

It’s curious  how one management team must have thought that 163,000 gt (Breakaway-Plus) is an ‘optimal size’, yet the next team think 140,000 gt is better. However many experienced cruise passengers have expressed their opinion that modern cruise ships are getting too big, although the new NCL ships are hardly small.

It depends what sort of experience that you are seeking. I personally think that mass-market ships can benefit from being very big – there is simply more room for for public rooms, facilities and innovations. The ‘Oasis’ class (the world’s biggest) is an amazing design.   However a ship of say 30,000 gt can provide you with a more intimate experience that a mega-ships cannot compete with.

I was expecting to see an 200,000 gt NCL design to be delivered within the next decade. It looks as if I’m wrong.

Project Leonardo slide show: HERE

The Worlds biggest class of cruise ship review: HERE

Norwegian Escape Review HERE

Norwegian Bliss – Observation Makes A Comeback HERE

Has The Mega-Ship ‘Bubble’ Burst?

March 3, 2017


We have come a long way since the ill fated RMS Titanic was the world’s biggest ship. Today a ship of the Titanic’s size (about 46,000 gross tonnes) would be regarded as ‘small’.

However, has the mega-ship ‘bubble’ finally burst?

Royal Caribbean’s ‘Oasis’ class of ships are currently the world biggest cruise ship. ‘Oasis Of The Seas’ entered service in 2007 at around 225,000 gross tonnes. She was more than twice the size* of many of her rivals. She currently has two sisters, which are both slightly bigger.

We are now experience a ‘boom’ period of  shipbuilding. However ten years on, the ‘Oasis’ class is still the biggest cruise ship design by far, with nothing bigger on the horizon.

Very big ships do of course have the space for some amazing public rooms, suites and facilities on board. The cruise line also benefit from the economies-of-scale that such a big ship brings.

However ports of call and cruise terminals can be a major issue. Some ports simply cannot physically accommodate such a big ships and their thousands of passengers.

Let’s not forget that some passengers simply do not want to share their cruise with 5,000 other people. They are looking for a more intimate experience.

No one appears to be planning to build a bigger ship than the ‘Oasis’ class, including Royal Caribbean, as far as we know. In fact mega-ships design appears to be shrinking a little.

For many years now, it has been the norm that a cruise lines next class of ship would be bigger than the previous one. However, the Royal Caribbean class which superseded the ‘Oasis’ class,  called the’Quantum’ class is around 168,000 gt.

Royal Caribbean’s ‘Project Icon’ (2022) newbuilds will be around 200,000 gt so a step up from the ‘Quantum’ class. However this is still significantly smaller than their ‘Oasis’ class.

NCL’s recently announced new ships will be around 140,000 gt. Once again this is significantly smaller than their current class, the ‘Breakaway Plus’ at 164,000 gt.

The Exceptions To The Rule

They are exceptions to the rule. Some cruise lines will be building their biggest vessels yet, within the next few year and are definitely not down-sizing.

Carnival have  newbuilds on order for their brands: Carnival, Costa, AIDA and P&O (2019-22), at around 180,000 gt.

The Mediterranean shipping company are also undergoing an impressive expansion over the next few years.

MSC Seaside (Nov. 2017) will be 154,000 gt. Meraviglia (May 2017) will be 167,000 gt and  Megaviglia Plus (2019) will be 177,000. MSC’s ‘World Class ships (2022-2026) will be an impressive 200,000 gt.

Genting (Star cruises) have their ‘Global Class’ ship (2019-20) on order at  to 200,000 gt. Either  Genting’s ‘Global Class’ and MSC’s ‘World Class’ will be the world’s second biggest class of ship, depending which on is bigger. However it will still be 25,000 gt smaller than the Oasis class.

So back to the opening question: has the mega-ship bubble burst? Will anybody ever build a ship bigger than RCI’s Oasis class?

To be honest, I don’t know. Maybe ship size has reached it’s practical limit. Maybe not?



*(Gross tonnage is a measurement of a ships volume, not weight. GT is the standard way to compare ship sizes to each other).

Fincantieri Lays Keel for Seaview

February 2, 2017

Feb. 02, 2017:

Today MSC Cruises and Fincantieri marked a key milestone in the building of MSC Seaview with the celebration of the coin ceremony for the MSC Seaview.

MSC Seaview will come into service in June 2018, sailing the Western Mediterranean in her inaugural summer season. She will then continue her deployment in Brazil.

Gianni Onorato, MSC Cruises Chief Executive Officer added: “MSC Seaview will bring guests and the sea closer to each other, with a pioneering beach condo concept and other unique design and product elements that allow to make the most of the warmer weather. With one of the highest ratios of outdoor spaces at sea, guests will also enjoy an increased number of balcony cabins, sea views and outdoor public areas, with every element carefully planned to allow to make the most of the sea and the sunshine.”


Sister ship:

MSC Cuts Steel For Bellissima

December 5, 2016

MSC Cruises held a traditional steel cutting ceremony at the STX France shipyard in Saint Nazaire, France, on Monday 28th November 2016, to mark the start of construction of MSC Bellissima, the second of the Meraviglia (‘Wonder’ in Italian) class of ships.

The 5,700-passenger ship will jointly hold the title of largest cruise ship in the world, in terms of passenger capacity, when she comes into service in June 2019 with sister ship MSC Meraviglia.

MSC Cruises is investing an astonishing $10.2 billion in fleet expansion, which will see the line’s capacity triple over the next ten years.

MSC Bellissima is the fourth of 11 next-generation ships due to come into service over this period between now and 2020. Two more ships (the Meraviglia-Plus class) will have an even greater passenger capacity of 6,300 and are expected to enter service in October 2019 and September 2020.

Just last week the line celebrated the float out of its newest and largest ship, so far. MSC Seaside.


MSC Meraviglia & Bellissima

October 31, 2016
Project Vista (Courtsey MSC)

Project Vista (Courtsey MSC)

The latest marvel of the MSC fleet, MSC MERAVIGLIA, just floated off the coast of Saint-Nazaire as this mega ship reaches the final stages of construction before she sets sail for exotic locations.

The float out ceremony was the perfect occasion to reveal the name of the next MSC Cruises sensation, MSC BELLISSIMA. (The second Project Vista Class ship, after Meraviglia)

Announcing MSC BELLISSIMA, the latest jewel in the MSC fleet, was not only cause for celebrations, it demonstrated MSC’s commitment towards its business expansion plan, which includes the building of 11 more luxury liners as well as a constant and extensive modernization of its current fleet.

On September 3rd, STX France and MSC Cruises focused their energies on the floating out of the newest ship, the MSC Meraviglia. This fantastic event was further enhanced when MSC Cruises’ CEO, Mr Onorato announced the name and launch date of the next ship, MSC Bellissima, coming into service in 2019.

The name, Bellissima, which means “beautiful” in Italian, says it all. But Gianni Onorato, , commented that the ship’s new features and amenities have all been specially designed to meet the needs of guests of all ages from toddlers through to adventurous grownups.

As well as Bellissima it is also “grandissima” (very large indeed)! An impressive 315 meters long and 43 meters wide, with a gross tonnage of about 167,600 tons. It boasts 2,250 cabins for guests, and nearly 820 crew cabins, accommodating 5,700 passengers and 1,536 crew members.


Meraviglia Promenade (Courtesy MSC)

MSC Bellissima will be the fourth cruise ship to be built in the STX France shipyards since the 2014 expansion plan began with a total planned commitment of €9 billion.

For the remaining ships, delivery is planned between 2019 and 2026. This expansion, which began two years ago, will not only triple MSC Cruises’ fleet but will introduce a whole new category of next-generation ships into the world of cruising.

MSC Cruises’ dedication to providing their guests with the best possible cruising experience is reaffirmed both by the grandeur and elegance of the ships themselves as well as the attention to every last detail.

All MSC Cruises ships offer infinite possibilities of entertainment. Infinite dining options, both in terms of location and choice of cuisine, panoramic spaces, amusement parks, colossal theaters, aqua parks, arcades, enclosed promenades and all around sun decks are just come of the amazing features that make these ships a destination in their own right.

Not forgetting special family cabins and the “extended” MSC Yacht Club, the entirely self-contained ship within a ship on the prestigious foredecks that will now offer its guests a vast solarium, a private lounge and restaurant as well as duplex suites.

MSC is also breaking new ground in technological implementation to enable guests to make the most of their cruise by being constantly informed of events and special offers, all in real time.

Thanks to a strategic partnership with Samsung, all ships will be equipped with new generation technology, from interactive displays to mobile solutions to augmented reality. Furthermore, near Field Communication (NFC) and iBeacon technology will allow one to one communications using cruise cards, bracelets or smartphones.

With such exciting new, modern ships, cruising will never be the same again.


Malcolm says: MSC will be building some of the most exciting and biggest mega-ships during the next decade. Their maritime roots are in cargo transportation, but they have now become a major player in the cruise industry. In terms of total berths they will exceed the Norwegian Cruise Line to become number three cruise line, behind Carnival and Royal Caribbean.

Meraviglia Interiors:  See HERE

XXL – Is The New Standard

October 30, 2016
(Genting's Global Class)

(Genting’s Global Class)

Have you ever noticed how cruise lines tend to build similar sized ships?

O.K, there are exceptions where a luxury line will build a smaller ship. There are also exceptions when a cruise line will be building a ship bigger than anybody else’s (normally Royal Caribbean). However in general the big players are influenced by each other.

I can remember some 20 years ago (mid to late nineties), when many mega-ships were being built at around the 75,000 gross tons, in size. For example, RCI’s five ‘Vision’ class ships and NCL’s ‘Sun’ and ‘Spirt’ classes. Although Carnival (Destiny, 1995) and Princess (Grand Princess, 1998) pushed the boundaries with vessels over 100,000 gt.

In about 2005, many megaships built for NCL, RCI, P&O and Cunard etc. we’re around 90,000 gt. Although Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 had pushed the boundaries in 2002, to 148,000 gt .

Royal Caribbean’s 225,000 gt ‘Oasis of the Seas’, which entered service in 2008, was the world’s largest cruise ship. She was considerably larger than anything else. The ‘Oasis’ class (Oasis, Allure and Harmony) continues to dominate in size and probably will for some years to come.

The 180,000gt Costa LNG ship

The 180,000gt Costa LNG ship

However the goal-posts have moved once again. We now see a new wave of ships in the order book for 2019 onwards, which are 180-200,000 gt in size. These new mega-ships, or maybe they should be called ultra-ships, will each carry up to 6,600 passengers.

  • Carnival has announced that they have ordered seven 180,000gt mega-ships: two for Costa, two for Carnival, two for AIDA and one for P&O to be delivered between 2019 and 2022.
  • Genting Hong Kong announced they have ordered two new ships for Star Cruises in 2019 and 2020. These ships will be 201,000 gross tons.
  • MSC Cruises announced that they would be ordering up to four new class cruise ships, called the “World Class”. These would be around 200,000 gt and would be delivered between 2022 and 2026.

Carnival, Genting and MSC are clearly catching up to Royal Caribbean’s ‘Oasis’ class.

However this constant race for size, is not without its issues.

Older/smaller tonnage will be retired. Cruise ships rarely have a life longer than 30 years. This means that most of the cruise lines fleets, have ships growing in size. What was once a megaship (say 70,000gt) look like a ‘medium’ sized vessel now, maybe even a ‘small’ one.

Megaship are packed with facilities, including multiple dining rooms and multiple entertainment venues, even a few gimmicks throw in like a Park or Bumper cars. However bigger is not always best. These floating theme parks lack intimacy and a ‘connection’ with the sea. Arguably the world’s best cruise experiences, in terms of fine-dining and attentive service, are not to be found on-board mega-ships.

Megaships are also limited to what ports they can visit as they need long berths, deep water and extensive shore-side terminal facilities to deal with the thousands of passengers that they carry.

There is also much debate about the impact thousands of passenger arriving at a Caribbean island (for example) has on the local environment.

Irrespective of  any negative aspects, the big ships are still coming and the masses love them. They almost generate their own publicity. A new “Giant Ship” makes a great headline.  A new “Small Ship” does not.

As a result the existing smaller/older ships will be facing extinction. However there will always be some intimate ships on offer, but these are likely to get rarer and will become an increasingly expensive option to cruise on.


(There are reviews of some of the world’s biggest ships, menu right)

Is This MSC’s World Class Ship?

October 13, 2016


On the 6th April 2016, MSC Cruises announced that the STX France shipyard would be building up to four new class cruise ships for them, called the “World Class”. (What a great play on words!)

These would be delivered between 2022 and 2026.

Interestingly MSC’s ship will be powered by Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) fuel, like Carnival’s proposed megaships for Aida, Costa and P&O and Royal Caribbean’s project ‘Icon’ ships.

MSC’s ‘World Class’ ships will exceed 200,000 gross tons, so they will be one of the biggest class of ships in the world, possibly only superseded by  RCI’s ‘Oasis’ class ships, depending how big Genting’s ‘Global Class’ (2019) and RCI’s ‘Icon’ (2022) newbuilds are. All these newbuilds are currently listed at around 200,000 gt. (Carnival’s LNG ships will be a little smaller at around 185,000 gt).

Global Class (Courtesy Genting)

Global Class (Courtesy Genting)

No renderings have yet been released of MSC’s ‘World Class’.

In 2013 STX came up with a ship ‘concept’ called the ‘XP Tray’ which they revealed at the annual Miami ‘Seatrade’ show. It was an alternative design to Oasis, a mega-ship of around 200,000 gt powered by LNG fuel.

As you can see form the slide-show above, there are definitely similarities between the ‘concept’ and the basic facts that we know about the MSC’s ‘World Class’. (In fact there are also some similarities between the ‘concept’ and MSC’s new ‘Seaside’ class too).


Don’t Get Too Excited: Ship ‘concepts’ are a bit like fashion shows. The girls parade in some outrageous designs, but you will never see these exact designs on the street. Some ideas from the fashion collections may get adopted, but they are then watered-down for the commercial market.

Likewise, I have never seen a ‘real’ cruise ship which looked exactly like the original ‘concept’. Likewise MSC’s ‘World Class’ is unlikely to look exactly like the ‘XP Tray’, even if it is based on the concept, but only time will tell.


More details of the ‘World Class’: HERE

Meraviglia Floats, Bellissima Gets Named

September 2, 2016
(Courtesy STX)

(Courtesy STX)

On September the 2nd 2016, at the STX France shipyard, MSC Cruises celebrated the float out of the MSC Meraviglia (Wonder), which will enter service in June 2017.

Meraviglia is 167,000 gross tonnes and will carry up to 5,700 passengers. There will be an internal promenade with a digital sky.

MSC Cruises also revealed that its second Meraviglia class ship, which will enter service in Spring 2019, will be named MSC Bellissima (Beautiful).


Livorno To offer LNG

July 26, 2016
(Livorno Port Authority)

(Livorno Port Authority)

In the future, the port of Livorno Italy, could play into LNG bunkering, with a LNG terminal just 12 miles from the port.

Livorno is of course a very popular Italian port and the gateway for excursions to Pisa and Florence.

“We are looking at using the LNG plant to re-fuel new LNG ships,” said Giovanni Spadoni, technical and commercial director for the Port.

“We are working on authorization procedures and feel we will be on the first ports with (gas) availability.”

The close-proximity LNG supply may mean cruise lines could bunker directly without barges or trucks.

(Livorno Port Authority)

Need more info? See article below:

MSC Announce ‘Seaview’

July 4, 2016
(Seaside - MSC Image)

(Seaside – MSC Image)

MSC Cruises has announced that the second of its ‘Seaside’ class vessels, due to enter service in June 2018, will be named MSC ‘Seaview’.

MSC Seaview’s sister ship MSC Seaside, the first of the ‘seaside’ class enters service in December 2017, sailing year-round from Miami to the Caribbean

Seaview will spend her inaugural season in the Western Mediterranean, homeporting in Genoa, Marseille and Barcelona.

Described by MSC as the ‘ship that follows the sun’ the design of the Seaside-generation ships, under construction at Fincantieri, is based on a beach condo concept.

A design feature of MSC Seaview and Seaside is the 360° promenade that runs around the entire ship allowing guests to connect with the sea and the sunshine. (MSC)

MSC Meraviglia: More Renderings

MSC have released more interior renderings of their new build ‘Meraviglia’, which means ‘wonder’ in Italian.

Meraviglia will be 167,600GRT and will carry up to 4,500 passengers, double occupancy. She is due to be delivered in May 2017.

Her unique feature include an internal promenade with a ‘digital sky’ and a large indoor sports court.

Meraviglia will spend her first summer sailing the western Mediterranean. In a first for the cruise industry, she will have three home ports – Genoa, Marseille and Barcelona – giving guests the flexibility to choose where they start and finish their cruise holiday.

Further Details of MSC Seaside

April 25, 2016

21/04/2016:  MSC Cruises marked an important construction milestone in the building of MSC Seaside with the celebration of the traditional maritime coin ceremony held at Fincantieri’s shipyard in Monfalcone, Italy.

MSC Seaside, set to come into service in December 2017, will sail year-round from Miami and is being designed with the North American market in mind.

More Details Revealed


Atrium (Courtesy of MSC)

MSC Cruises has revealed further details of MSC Seaside including suspended glass floors, a wrap around outdoor promenade with bars and restaurants, ocean-view elevators  and the highest ratio of outdoor space of any ship at sea.


Outdoor Sushi Bar (Courtesy MSC)

The concept behind MSC Seaside is to “bring the sea closer to passengers”, and is being designed with an exclusive warn weather aesthetic. The beach-condo-inspired concept will focus on the outdoor space of cabins and suites, many al fresco eating options including 20 bars; outdoor spa and fitness facilities, such as luxury cabanas for spa treatments, two wellness cabins, which feature advanced Kinesis Technoygm fitness equipment; and the private MSC Yacht Club, which features a lounge and restaurant and a solarium.

Full Cruise Critic Article: HERE

Meraviglia will be christened in Le Havre

February 17, 2016
Queen Mary 2 Le Havre

Queen Mary 2 Le Havre

MSC Cruises announced that its newbuild, MSC Meraviglia, will be christened in Le Havre on June 1 2017, a year in which the French port is celebrating its 500 year anniversary. She will then be positioned in Marseille for her inaugural Mediterranean season.

MSC also announced that it was confirming two options for delivery in October 2019 and September 2020 but that these will be 16m longer with an extra 200 cabins. The Meraviglia-plus class will be the first cruiseships to each host a fine arts museum on board, displaying classic and contemporary originals from collections around the world.


(MSC image - Click to enlarge)

(MSC image – Click to enlarge)

Malcolm says: It’s become quite a common phenomenon is the ship building world: A cruise line builds a class of multiple ships, but after the first few, they start to build them bigger. They often add an extra deck and/or make the ship a little longer, increasing the passenger capacity.  I’ve heard it referred to as “cruise ship creep”. (Kevin Griffin) 

Meraviglia-plus will be around 10,000 gross tonnes bigger than Meraviglia.

NCL’s newbuilds are  another good example: the ‘Breakaway’ class morphed into the ‘Breakaway Plus’ and gained around 20,000 gross tonnes.

It’s not a new idea, Princess’s ‘Grans Class’ gained an extra deck as did Carnival’s ‘Vista’ and ‘Destiny’ classes. Even RCI’s new ‘Harmony of the Seas’ will be a little bigger than her sisters.

Meraviglia Interiors HERE

Designing MSC Seaside

June 2, 2014

Italy’s Fincantieri shipyard revealed a new concept ship earlier in the year, dubbed Project Mille, signalling the future of cruise ships.

(Fincantieri project Millie)

(Fincantieri project Millie)

The purpose of this project is to explore a more modern configuration to the traditional design of passenger vessels. Since shaft and rudder based propulsion has quickly demised, there is no reason to have the diesel generators in the aft section anymore. This ship will have them amidships. By bringing then closer to the centre of gravity, this helps stability. You can note that the funnel has accordingly been brought amidships; right above the engines.

They also made the hull wider and the super structure narrower. Also in another attempt to reduce the weight above the hull. The Oasis class kind of have the opposite of this, but they also have two gaping holes in the superstructure (Central Park and the Boardwalk).

There are also other initiatives to lower the centre of gravity. There will be no large main swimming pool topside. It will be moved somewhere lower in the ship. The spa will also be moved down. By moving any other heavy-weight public area lower, architects are able to yield an entire additional deck of passenger cabins. As these cabins are located in the superstructure, they will be balcony cabins, which mean higher revenue yielding.


Mille offers 10 percent more cabins; 10 percent more open-deck space; 10 percent increase in efficiencies. (10% more cabins represents a very significant increase in revenue generating potential)

Fincantieri says that this design can be scaled accordingly from 60,000grt up to 150,000 grt. And 1,500 pax up to 4,000 pax.

(Source: Cruise Ind)

(MSC image)

(MSC image)

Malcolm says: MSC’s new project ‘Seaside’ mega-ship is clearly based on Fincantieri’s ‘Millie’ project.

Seaside has the distinctive centre funnel and narrower superstructure. The promenade is wide and is above the lifeboats until it drops down at the stern. The stern ‘prom’ is nearer the water level than usual, with a large pool. There is no large centre lido-deck, but an area aft of the funnel. The aft superstructure is narrower for stability.


MSC Spends €2.1bn on the Seaside

May 22, 2014
(MSC Image)


London, May 22, 2014 – MSC Cruises has today signed a contract with Italian shipyard Fincantieri confirming the construction of two more new cruise ships, with an option for one more vessel.

The new prototype project, named ‘Seaside’, will be the largest cruise ships ever built by Fincantieri and will feature a revolutionary architectural style leading the way for a new generation of cruise ships.

(MSC Click to enlarge)

(MSC Click to enlarge)

The two new ships will cost €700 million each, with the first scheduled for delivery in November 2017 and the second arriving in May 2018. The deal follows MSC Cruises’ letter of intent with STX France, signed in March this year for another two ships (and two optioned).

From the moment we started talking with Fincantieri, we had in mind to design and build two completely new ships, revolutionary in their structure, unlike anything that exists on the market today” said Pierfrancesco Vago, Executive Chairman of MSC Cruises.

Seaside is a futuristic prototype because of its structure, shape and versatility. We are getting ready for the new and compelling challenge that the construction of these ships represents. It will be a real revolution in the world’s cruise market, an excellent product for its unique and innovative architectural features and cutting-edge technology.



With a length of 323 metres, a width of 41 metres and a height of 70 metres, the new ships will have a gross tonnage of 154,000 tons and will accommodate up to 5,300 passengers plus 1,413 crew members. The ships will boast 2,070 guest cabins, 759 for crew members, and 43,500 square metres of public areas available. Innovative in design and versatility, the new ships will be able to dock in any port around the world.

(MSC click to enlarge)

(MSC click to enlarge)

The contract was signed between Executive Chairman of MSC Cruises Pierfrancesco Vago, MSC Cruises chief executive Gianni Onorato, and Fincantieri chief executive Giuseppe Bono.

Today, MSC Cruises adds the last piece to its new industrial plan that will allow us to double the capacity of our fleet by 2022. With the arrival of the new ships we will reach a capacity of about 80,000 passengers a day” said MSC Cruises chief executive Gianni Onorato.

(MSC image)

(MSC image)

The ‘Seaside’ prototype presents unique features such as a sea-level promenade that circumnavigates the ship with outdoor spaces, shops and restaurants. In addition, Seaside will also feature a spacious theatre, a terraced balcony and panoramic lifts with sea views.

Furthermore, the ship will boast numerous technological innovations that will, among other things, further reduce fuel consumption by 25%.

The total value of MSC Cruises’ new orders with Fincantieri and STX France total almost €5 billion.

 (Source: MSC)

Giles Hawke Comments

Speaking to TTG Digital following the announcement that a €2.1 billion deal has been signed to build two new ships with the option of a third, Giles Hawke, MSC Cruises executive director for UK, Ireland and Australia, said the new ships will feature a number of innovations.

He added these will include wind deflectors to stop customers from being troubled by strong winds while the ship is cruising while a promenade deck skirting the ship and almost at sea level will further improve the quality of the cruise.

Meanwhile the fact that the ships are shorter and wider, they will be 323 metres long and 41 metres wide, will allow them to visit smaller ports.

(MSC Image)

(MSC Image)

With 2,070 cabins spread over 43,500 square metres of public space the ships will have space for 5,300 passengers.

Hawke said: “It’s substantially different to what anyone else has got. Pier Franchesco has talked about creating the iPhone of the cruise industry, this is it.

“It’s all based around an outdoor living experience called Project Seaside. It (then promenade deck) is almost at sea level and there will be outdoor shopping and bars

“We’re working on creating the right wind deflectors so they (customers) can sit outside while the ship is moving.

“It puts us up there as a substantial major player against any other cruise line in the world.

Hawke said: “By 2020 we will have double our fleet versus what we have today.”

(Source: TTG Digital)

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Malcolm Says: Wow, this IS exciting news for big ship fans (but a nightmare for small ship lovers.)

MSC have now announced four big newbuilds, two called ‘Vista’ (STX) and the two above, ‘Seaside’ (Fincantieri). MSC are set to become the third biggest cruise line by capacity.  I like the sound of Seaside’s NCL type ‘Waterfront’ feature and Vista’s RCL style ‘Royal Promenade’.

I note that Seaside has her funnel (and probably much associated machinery)  in the middle, which reminds me of the great ocean liners of the past.

MSC Seaside Interiors slide-shows HERE