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Titanic Replica In Trouble?

May 9, 2018


Readers may recall that Clive Palmer’s (the Australian mineral billionaire) ‘Titanic II’ project.

Palmer’s pipe-dream was to build a replica Titanic: a real working-ship, but it sank without trace a few years ago now.  Palmer did spend quite a lot of money on research and the initial design concept, but he appeared to lose interest, when he experienced some financial troubles.


Clive Palmer

Then in 2017 there was another replica-Titanic project, but this time it was for the Romandisea Tourism Resort in Sichuan Province, China. However this was never going to be a real ship. It was to be a hotel/tourist attraction, within a theme park.

Although construction work progressed steadily throughout 2017, there have been no updates or construction images, for most of this year, 2018. Two-thirds of the replica ship still remains unfinished. Completion deadlines have been missed.


Unofficial reports note that steel is now twice as expensive as it was last year. It has been said that the workers have either quit or have yet to show up – dormitories are largely empty and cranes dotting the site are frozen in time. It has been said that only a few people are working on the ship. It has been rumoured that Romandisea does not  have money to even pay their salaries.

I cannot confirm that these statements as true, but it does appear from the lack of media updates, that construction has virtually ceased.

Maybe this replica Titanic has also hit an iceberg, like Clive’s, of the financial variety?

Maybe from a point of view of good-taste and respect for the hundreds of passengers that lost their lives, the ill-fated vessel should just be left alone?



Titanic’s Harland & Wolff Makes A Comeback

January 10, 2018

A multi-million pound contract to refurbish a cruise ship has been won by a Newry firm, with all work to be done in Belfast.

MJM Group said it paves the way for future projects.

The 11-deck liner Azamara Pursuit, owned by Royal Caribbean Cruises, will arrive at Harland and Wolff in April for a full interior refit.

MJM, which employs 240 people, said it would be “one of the first major refits of a cruise liner in a UK dry dock”.

A spokesman for Harland and Wolff said it was “delighted” with the deal, and hoped others would follow.

Harland & Wolff was formed in 1861 by Edward James Harland (1831–95) and Hamburg-born Gustav Wilhelm Wolff (1834–1913).

Thomas Andrews became the general manager and head of the draughting department in 1907. It was in this period that the company built Olympic and the two other ships in her class Titanic and Britannic between 1909 and 1914.


Below you can see the Titanic’s original dry-dock, in Belfast:

Titanic Replica: See HERE

Titanic Vs Oasis of The Seas

December 27, 2017


A few years back I wrote an article for this blog called “Titanic Vs Oasis of the Seas”.

Now I must admit that I did not spend weeks researching it. I put it together quite quickly. It was really just meant to be a bit of fun. The article has attracted more views than anything else that I have ever written. It has also attracted some interesting comments, including some quite negative ones, such as:

“This is stupid, how can you compare these two ships, they are Apples and Oranges”

“These two ships were built 100 year’s apart, of course they are not the same”

“The Titanic was a work of art, Oasis is just a floating shopping mall”

“This article is stupid”

Little and Large

Well, the commentators are fully entitled to their own opinions.  The two ships ARE completely different to each other and they WERE built almost 100 years apart. However silly it is to compare these two ships, I still did it!

It’s quite ironic that the article looks like it will be my  most viewed again in 2017, as it was in 2016 and 2015.  If I want a larger readership, I obviously need to write more silly stuff.

You can read my Titanic article: HERE

A Modern & A Vintage Ocean Liner Compared



Titanic Hotel, Liverpool

March 21, 2015

Last month I had an excellent weekend break in Liverpool, UK.

I stayed at a newish hotel “30 James Street” which was the former offices of the ‘White Star Line’ (owners of the Titanic).

Below is a slide show.

I have now written a full review of my stay at the hotel, which unfortunately is not very favourable:

My review: HERE

Hotel web site: