Fred Olsen’s Black Watch Review

A smaller Norwegian operated ship, built in 1972, which is aimed at British passengers.

She is well maintained for her age. Her interiors are all of a particularly good standard for her age. She is rated as four star ship, but I thought that the food and entertainment were sometimes five star.

With any older ship you will find a few rust spots on the hull and you may be unlucky enough to experience a plumbing problem in your cabin? Such cabin problems were quickly rectified by the maintenance team. The vibration from the engines, in certain areas of the ship, is a little more obvious than on a new ship.

Should you book the Black Watch? Ask yourself this question first – do you prefer a pair of new shoes or a pair of old shoes?

Public Rooms

For a smaller classic ship (800 pax) the Black Watch has a remarkable number of smaller/intimate public rooms available, rather than vast unfriendly cavernous spaces. These include a show lounge, two main restaurants, fitness and beauty centres, two pool side grills, a general lounge (free self-service tea/coffee all day) an observation lounge, library, card/board games room, cinema (with tiered seating) smoking room, small casino/slot machines, a nightclub, various bars and a useful self service laundrette.

She has a traditional fantail design at the rear which is very attractive. There are two pools and three Jacuzzi’s, plus a great wrap around teak promenade deck. She has a very large amount of deck space for a small ship including areas for the traditional deck sports and table tennis, paddle tennis and golf driving areas. The Black Watch is more spacious than many other smaller cruise ships, which often have a higher density of passengers.

Food &  Service

The food was aimed at British tastes and was excellent! I enjoyed the evening meals in the Glentanar dining room as better than Celebrities food. The menus were incredibly varied, never repeating and included some unusual delicacies such as ‘Braised leg of Norwegian Reindeer’. The service was fast and efficient. Buffets were available for breakfast and lunch. My only complaint was that the tables were a little too close together in the Glentanar. The alternative, Garden Café, was charming and intimate.

Alcoholic drinks were reasonably priced and were NEVER pushed! You could sit in any public spaces all day and not be hassled to make a purchase. There was a free 24 hour room service facility available. The staff were genuinely warm and friendly even the day after they had received there tips (this is not always the case).


All the cabins that I saw seem reasonably spacious and comfortable, including the inside ones, although few compare with the many balcony cabins on contemporary ships. The amount of storage space was remarkable. You got three closets, numerous draws and space under the beds to put your empty suit cases. The bathroom had a proper toilet (no ear popping vacuum systems here) sink and a spacious shower. Even the rooms with twin port holes, on the lower decks, offered plenty of light and good views. I heard little noise from the adjacent cabins. The cabin air conditioning worked well. Each cabin had a coffee table, dressing table, TV, telephone and hair-drier.


Much of entertainment was aimed at British tastes, and was very good. The Cruise Director (Gary Nicholson), the band, the dancers and singers (Deja Vu) plus specialist acts were all of a high standard.


I would particularly recommend the Baltic itinerary. St. Petersburg was one of the high-lights.

A full program of activities including port talks, maritime history lectures, ballroom dancing, bridge and deck sports were on offer. Visits to the navigational bridge and engine control room were also arranged. Something for everyone!

Who Goes

The ship carries a range of ages, but does tend to be particularly popular with the more mature  age group. The cruises from Dover (UK) are aimed at the British guests. Many of the passengers seemed particularly interested in Ballroom dancing and Maritime history.

If you want a 100% American experience, on a shiny new ship, please look elsewhere. If you want a cruise experience, with a British flavour, on a more traditional vessel, at a reasonable price, look no further.

Malcolm Oliver

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6 Responses to “Fred Olsen’s Black Watch Review”

  1. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Thanks for the feedback Peter. Olsen certainly does have a charming fleet of smaller ships – all of them have their plus points! I have reviewed them all.

  2. Peter King Says:

    All in all an excellent first cruise for us. Apart from an irresponsible passenger who decide to abandon a shore tour and make his own way back to the ship without telling anyone. He caused a 40 minute delay whilst he was searched for and caused the abandonment of the highlight site of the tour. Not Fred’s fault I know but very annoying.
    Our suite cabin on Main Deck 5 was very comfortable and well serviced as was the rest of the ship. No sign of the dreaded Noravirus. There are sanitisers everywhere. All the passengers seemed to us them as a matter of course. The food was excellent. Somehow I’ve managed to maintain my weight, goodness knows how.
    We enjoyed the experience so much we re-booked on board for April 2017 for the Amalfi Coast on Boudicca.

  3. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Thanks Kingy, a good choice!

    Do tell me how it went and ‘if’ I was right.

  4. Kingy Says:

    Very good review. Looking forward to my May cruise. Thank you

  5. Ian Miller Says:

    Your old pair of shoes have been repaired!!!!!!!!.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks , very informative .

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